Monday, July 20, 2015

Crash Into Me

Sometimes the Lord works in funny ways to bring about the salvation of other people.  This week we biked a lot.  From different towns we have biked.  The total amount is more than I can count on all the phalanges.  On one particular trip on Lake Road from Ashtabula to Conneaut (if you want to Google Earth it), I decided to run my bike into a ditch.  I also ran my face and my leg into the same ditch.  It was deep but after the fact I just laughed.  I am laughing at every little thing that seems to be hard or bad.  The good thing that came out of it was a lesson.  We taught a registered nurse (RN) who came over to help us.  We have a set appointment with her this upcoming week.  It was a funny experience of the week. 
To go along with biking, I found a new hobby.  Biking and singing at the same time.  I just belt out my lungs when I am biking.  My companion is far ahead of me so he does not hear.  We bike about 14 miles, from one city to another, and I just sing.  It is quite relaxing.  I challenge all of you to try it. 
My addictions this week have been Captain Crunch, Smart Water, and the Lake.  I bought the big value box of Captain Crunch and ate it all.  Smart Water just taste good.  Lake Erie is just so peaceful.  I find joy and calmness next to it.  I take so many pictures of it.

Another thing I love is ice cream.  In Conneaut there is a place called Heavenly Creamery. It was an old church that now is an ice cream shop.  We went in and they sell weird flavors of ice cream.  They had corn ice cream and many more.  One of the most paradox types of ice cream was the Mango Habanero ice cream.  It is spicy and cold.  What?!? 

On Wednesday, we went to a shop to teach an employee.  Her name is Mercedez and she is in her youth.  We were going to teach her alone but her boss wanted to sit in.  We let it happen but pretty much it was the boss just Bible Bashing us.  She was saying that her way is right.  She claimed that she was a born again Baptist.  It was quite funny.
We also taught a less active guy named Nick.  he has had a tough life.  He has fought a serious car accident injury most of his life.  His wife divorced him because he couldn't move back to Utah.  To add on top of it, he had a stroke this past week.  He has just gone through so much.  One positive thing that came from it was faith.  Through this trial he has build faith and has really progressed.  He got a blessing and has a testimony of it.  One thing that really touched me was how loving everyone is.  Two ladies came in and sang him a song.  It changed his day.  When everything bad was going in his life, music changed that.  Music just has a powerful effect on life.  I have seen that myself.  I heard Love At Home this week and I felt the Spirit so strong.  I have learned to love that song.  Consider the Lilies is also one of my favorites.
1 Timothy 4:12  In thy youth.  Be an example in all times.  When the world is turning to the worst, be the example of the believers.  Well, even though I sometimes forget I try to keep my eye single to the glory of God.

Have a great week and love ya all,
Elder Vance

Black eye from crash
After bike crashSweaters in July

Favorite place to look at the lake. 

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