Monday, July 6, 2015

Just a City Boy

Well I deleted my first email on accident so haha my mistake this one will be shorter.  I am doing well (besides the emotional and mental breakdowns I have had almost daily) here in Ashtabula county. It is a poor county here in Ohio and located in the top right portion of the state. It was hard trying to get used to it coming from Utah. People here are scary beyond scary.  Some call this county the county of misfits because everyone is different and or scary.
Before I go on, let me describe some fun facts about this place.  First, it is easier to pluck eyebrows here than in Utah.  Second, it is Amish country.  I saw Amish people yesterday and it made me laugh.  Lastly, people still own computers from 1998.  I had to help someone fix the computer that came out when I was 1.
Anyways I taught a lady, whose name I did not quite get, who has lost 3 children, was almost killed by her brother and sister in her childhood, and has heart problems now.  She has had a hard life when I heard all of this.  I also taught a Sister M***k who I have become quite fond of.  Her grandchildren are fun and she is fun. She doesn't go to church because she gets anxiety and persuades herself not to go.
Some people here are sort of normal though.  I ate at the T****e's house and had Gluten Free Pancakes.  They are Vegetarian and Gluten free but those pancakes were delicious.
Well this week I learned that Commandments are in place so we can become like Christ.  Our main goal on this earth is to become like Christ so we can be like him in the future. 
I am doing great.  I still know all the Jenner and Kardashian names.  I still can quote the Ew song from Wil.I.AM  I still look smoking hot especially in the sweater I wore yesterday.  It was 28 June and I wore a sweater.
Scripture of the week: Matthew 18:20
Companion's name: Elder Demke from St. George.
Keeping my eye sing to the glory of God
With love,
Elder Vance

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