Monday, July 27, 2015

OH MY!!!!

In the wise words of Lizzy White, Oh My!!!  This week has been one of those oh my weeks.  The beginning of the week was slow.  It was just not as fun as other weeks.  We have had really spiritual experiences with members but overall it wasn't terrible fun until the end of the week. It was a building experience week.  I just want to say that members really do help with the work of conversion.  Well anyways not as many crazy stories this week but there are still some.

First thing crazy that happened this week was on Saturday.  We went to the H******'s.  They are the definition of craziness in Conneaut. Sister H******'s husband went to the hospital because he had a hole in his stomach.  She blamed the Percasets (don't know how to spell word).  She then said that she can't wait for him to get home.  In her exact words she said "When he gets home, I'll rape him".  Picture this, she is in her 70's and in a wheel chair, has not showered in a longer time, has no dental hygiene, and said these words. When she said that we started closed and started leaving.  It just was a funny thing that we joke about still.

Second crazy thing that has actually cause a lot of problems happened Sunday night.  We had a member struggling with gay temptations tell my companion that when he sees him he gets temptations.  It was so hard trying to keep myself from laughing.  In the car I couldn't help but bust up.  It actually is quite sad though.  My companion is not even sort of taking it well.  It was not a good experience after the fact.  I see now that it was overall a bad experience.

This week has been the study of the Israelites in Exodus.  There travel from Pharaoh and everything else.  It just completely surprises me that they are stiff-necked after everything they see.  They are quick to iniquity and slow to repentance.  It thought it could relate to people today.  They see miracles but yet choose not to accept them.  They see the blessings in their life but yet curse God.  It just is quite sad.  

Anyways, I love my mission, I love my mission president, I love my companion, I love the weather which is humid but never too hot, I love sleeping, and I LOVE cookies.  The apartment calls me the cookie monster because of my love.  I love the work and I continue to press forward with a eye single to the glory of God.

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