Monday, August 31, 2015

You Got Me in Chains

So first to start off this week is this song.  I had an incident that put that song in my head.  Since then it really hasn't left.  It does relate to the gospel which I will report later on.
Mission changer week has hit and I have learned a lot.  Elder Bennett from the Second Quorum of the Seventy came to our mission and rebuked us in a loving way.  He told us about all sorts of stuff we can be doing to make us more successful.  He talked to us about teaching people at the door instead of just handing them a card.  He told us that even one minute can make a difference in daily schedule.  The meeting was just filled with so much good information. To attend that meeting we had to pass Cleveland which was a lot of fun. I love what that city looks like.  There we also ate Chick-fil-a.  It was a good day overall.
Throughout the week we have done service for a guy named Jacob who was moving.  We thought it was only going to be a one day thing but actually turned out to be a four day thing.  It was not a pleasant thing for us.  It actually reminded me about the Mormon message Lift.  Watch it if you haven't seen it.  But the infuriating part about it was that when we showed up to move stuff he was not packed.  That made me mad.  I was about to scream because he knew about the move for 3 months now and has done nothing about it.  One night we gave him a blessing and someone not of our religion tired to get in the blessing.  He put his hands when we put our hands.  We had to tell him no politely but it was a once in a lifetime experience I had to deal with.  So this guy was his friend. He was older, had three hernias, had a catheter bag hanging out so we can see his urine.  Had the catheter hanging up from his pants so the urine cannot get into the bag.  It just was a gross experience.  Looking back it makes me laugh.
We picked up three new investigators this week.  We picked up Tim, who is searching for God but attends a different church, Cody, who has a friend who is a Mormon and is rather interested, and Barb, who is a Catholic but open to what she hears. I love them all and hope to continue their progression towards truth. 
Fun crazy things of the week:
I TRIED BLUEBERRY PIE and didn't love it.  I am not a fruit fan for all those people out there.
I ate a whole lot of Chocolate Syrup with Ice cream.  I love is so much.
I got my eyebrows waxed by a member who really wanted to do it.  I have to say that they look good.  Not feminine at all or wild like they were before. Haha.
I picked up dog poop for service with a less active who took that same dog to church which was fun.

Okay so back to the chains.  The Devil can chain you up and make you feel like you are never able to escape.  Guess what? YOU CAN ESCAPE!!! There is a way to be free from guilt or shame.  There is a way of not feeling trapped or tied up in chains.  It is turning to your Savior.  As he says in Alma 7:11-12.  He knows what you have gone through.  He can help you throughout all you have suffered or gotten yourself into.  Turn to him.  Pray, talk to the people that represent him (Bishop, Stake President) and be open and willing to change.  I know this to be true.  I have seen it first hand with the people out here in Ohio.  They can change their lives and so can you, if you turn to him. 

I hope y'all have a great week and know that I am continuing to press forward with an eye single to the glory of God.  

With Love,

A really nice picture that i will see in the winter and realized how much I actually love the summer

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Happy d-day week.  This year is the 71st anniversary day of D-Day.  We saw a little bit of it; Conneaut every year puts on a reenactment of D-Day around the Dog Days.  It was cool to see.  We didn't stay there long and sadly I did not pick anything up.  It just was really cool.

This week we went to Wendy's to weekly plan (good source of alliteration). We saw someone get pulled over and arrested.  It was quite funny but also really distracting.  Also the music they played in Wendy's was really distracting.  Talking Body is one of my favourite songs right now.  Very distracting.  Anyways I have started finding love in the hymns right now.  this goes along with what I realised this week.  I realised that this is my life.  I don't really remember anything in the past or what my life used to be.  I dream a missionary and I live it.

So this week we didn't really teach a whole lot.  We did a lot of service though.  We trimmed trees and painted a deck.  The paining of the deck was by far the best.  I love paining and doing anything with painting.  I just found it fun.  I also learned that I am allergic to the fern type of plant.  Not a fun thing.

So this week we have been having members who have been struggling.  One of them is going through a nasty divorce because of his wife being all antimormonism.  It is quite sad to see him in this condition.  I want to help but there is not much I can do.

We picked up 3 new investigators this week.  One of them seem strong the other two seem wishy washy. 

I am excited to go forward with faith.  I am studying a lot more this week.   I have noticed a change in my Spiritual connection.  One quote I would like to leave: "role play is the way the Lord teaches".  If we continue to practice then we can learn.  If you just learn but do not apply then it goes out one ear.  So we do role plays all the time because that allows us to be prepared even when it doesn't work out that way.  The Spirit will help you when you are prepared.  Anyways there is my scattery email of the week.

I am keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

With love to all,

Monday, August 17, 2015

Come What May

Okay so these three words I heard while listening to I Believe in Christ.  They were the most powerful words that I heard.  I will believe in Christ no matter what comes my way.  It was just so amazing to hear and I've had them in my head all week.  Music can invite the Spirit and I know that.  I have learned to love the music I listen to.
Well this week we dropped a few more people from our investigator pool.  On Tuesday we went to Vicky's house and ate dinner.  During dinner when we were trying to connect our conversation back to the gospel she went into the other room and gave us back a Book of Mormon.  She told us she never reads it and was giving it back. STAB IN THE BACK!!!!! We were sad but she was sticking with her religion.  At least dinner was good.
This week we have also been trying to visit a potential investigator.  Christina was the one who we met when I fell off my bike and got a killer black eye.  We have been trying hard to meet with her but she is way too busy.  It is kind of infuriating.
This week we also met with a lady who goes by the name of Rose.  She is not there.  She always talks about her boyfriend and how she loves him so much.  We are still going to try to teach her but it might come to us dropping her.
We also ran across a lady whose name is Diana. She is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and other languages.  She doesn't really believe the Book of Mormon is true but it was fun to meet with her. I don't think we will try to meet with her in the future to try to teach her.  My companion does not do so well with people completely bashing on his beliefs.  So we are avoiding that although.

This week I got a picture of the Mesa Temple with the Christmas decorations.  It so reminded me of my childhood.  We would always go to the temple and see the lights during Christmas time.  I also remember me trying to draw the temple so many times.  That is by far my favorite temple.  I just love temples.
Saturday we had to attend a Giveaway that the church was involved in.  It is a free school supply giveaway for the county because they are not too rich.  We sat at a table and waited for people to stop by to get gospel related stuff.  It was poorly planned on our part because we didn't know much about it.  So really we didn't have much interest from the people around.  I wish it could have gone better to be honest.
I don't think there is much left for the week.  We broke our record for the number of times we were able to build people's faith.  Elder Demke, my companion, lost to a 6yr old in chess. I went to the lake and played in the sand.
The scripture I wanted to emphasize is D&C 35:13-15.  My brother showed me this scripture and I have really taken a liking to it.  He gives much power to those who are weak.  I thought of Moses and how he not too strong but still was called to be a prophet.  It really is just quite amazing.  I know that I am weak and that I need to keep relying on the Lord.  I need to keep keeping my eye single to the Glory of God.
Anyways, have a great week.
With Love,

Elder Vance

Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Month Mark

Just realized that today is my two month mark.  I've been out two months and yet it feels longer.  I feel like this in normal life.  It is normal life.

Well this week has been normal.  It is weird.  Nothing big and shocking came out of this past week.  It was the start of a transfer and nothing new came out of it.  I got a pair of homemade slippers. I found a license plate that I kept. Not much.
We visited a guy who loves the missionaries.  We met him and he gave us his card so we called him up.  We ate Mexican food---I was really excited but it just wasn't the same as others---with him and he told about missionaries in the past.  He just liked disobedient missionaries who could do stuff for him.  Not meeting with him again.
We went to stake conference and I laughed a little.  There were as many people there as one ward in Utah.  It shows that there is so much work to be done here.
Being here in Ashtabula county I have learned a few things about myself.  I would be a foster parent if I could.  I just see so much poverty and children being left on the streets or abused that I would love to change them.  It would make me so happy.  I also see the importance of Government funding programs.  People really need it in order to survive.  It just is so sad.  I would love to come back and help out more than I can right now. 
On the lesson side of us, we teach more less actives than anything else.  We have a town with about 36 member homes and only 4 come to church. That is about 89% in active members.  It is weird but most do not want to come to church.  We have a few investigators who we are working with.  One is Bonnie, she is a single mother who I think I have mentioned before.  Another is Christina, she was picked up when I crashed my bike and got a black eye.  There is not much work with new investigators but we keep on going forward.
This week D&C 50:24 comes to mind.  We can be filled with light if we keep working at it.  I am pressing forward and of course with my eye single to the Glory of God.

Love ya all,

Elder Vance

His District

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shake It Off

I would like to start off by saying that I am losing my Taylor Swift touch.  It is getting harder and harder to remember her songs.  Oh well.  Anyways, this week hasn't been one of those fun filled weeks with a whole bunch of stories that are so weird, but there are some though.
On Wednesday of last week we went out with members to people's houses.  One member in particular told us a fun fact about eggs.  If you hard boil eggs for a very long time the egg will turn green and explode.  That was her experience though so it might not work with everyone.  So that is the fun fact of the week.  After that we visited someone's house and we broke their porch.  There porch was already bad and decaying but we stepped and fell in.  We both are fine but we just awkwardly left.  They would not answer the door and yeah.
On Friday my companion crash his bike and got a concussion.  We were on the side of the road and we had a good Samaritan experience.  A Jehovah Witness came by and helped us up.  They drove us back to the car and after that I was able to drive for the next few days.  I was able to drive which made me happy.  We also went to the hospital which made me really happy.  I love the hospital and was in a very happy place.
On Sunday we had a guy who was teaching recent converts say that "I can go out and kill someone if I want to".  It was just a little shocking but quite funny.
Anyways we have had people yell at us this week and I just though of Shake It Off.  You know the haters going to hate hate hate hate hate. So all you have to do is shake it off.  It will be for the best.
Jacob 2:18-19 was one of my favourite scriptures right now.  It just hit me and told me that I need to be on a mission before I can start going to college.  I will probably keep that in mind the rest of my mission.  It is a great reminder that my eyes should be towards the glory of God.
Anyways have a great week y'all.

Elder Vance

Bike Selfie
Apartment Elders and ward mission leader

Pretty picture of lake