Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Month Mark

Just realized that today is my two month mark.  I've been out two months and yet it feels longer.  I feel like this in normal life.  It is normal life.

Well this week has been normal.  It is weird.  Nothing big and shocking came out of this past week.  It was the start of a transfer and nothing new came out of it.  I got a pair of homemade slippers. I found a license plate that I kept. Not much.
We visited a guy who loves the missionaries.  We met him and he gave us his card so we called him up.  We ate Mexican food---I was really excited but it just wasn't the same as others---with him and he told about missionaries in the past.  He just liked disobedient missionaries who could do stuff for him.  Not meeting with him again.
We went to stake conference and I laughed a little.  There were as many people there as one ward in Utah.  It shows that there is so much work to be done here.
Being here in Ashtabula county I have learned a few things about myself.  I would be a foster parent if I could.  I just see so much poverty and children being left on the streets or abused that I would love to change them.  It would make me so happy.  I also see the importance of Government funding programs.  People really need it in order to survive.  It just is so sad.  I would love to come back and help out more than I can right now. 
On the lesson side of us, we teach more less actives than anything else.  We have a town with about 36 member homes and only 4 come to church. That is about 89% in active members.  It is weird but most do not want to come to church.  We have a few investigators who we are working with.  One is Bonnie, she is a single mother who I think I have mentioned before.  Another is Christina, she was picked up when I crashed my bike and got a black eye.  There is not much work with new investigators but we keep on going forward.
This week D&C 50:24 comes to mind.  We can be filled with light if we keep working at it.  I am pressing forward and of course with my eye single to the Glory of God.

Love ya all,

Elder Vance

His District

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