Monday, August 17, 2015

Come What May

Okay so these three words I heard while listening to I Believe in Christ.  They were the most powerful words that I heard.  I will believe in Christ no matter what comes my way.  It was just so amazing to hear and I've had them in my head all week.  Music can invite the Spirit and I know that.  I have learned to love the music I listen to.
Well this week we dropped a few more people from our investigator pool.  On Tuesday we went to Vicky's house and ate dinner.  During dinner when we were trying to connect our conversation back to the gospel she went into the other room and gave us back a Book of Mormon.  She told us she never reads it and was giving it back. STAB IN THE BACK!!!!! We were sad but she was sticking with her religion.  At least dinner was good.
This week we have also been trying to visit a potential investigator.  Christina was the one who we met when I fell off my bike and got a killer black eye.  We have been trying hard to meet with her but she is way too busy.  It is kind of infuriating.
This week we also met with a lady who goes by the name of Rose.  She is not there.  She always talks about her boyfriend and how she loves him so much.  We are still going to try to teach her but it might come to us dropping her.
We also ran across a lady whose name is Diana. She is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and other languages.  She doesn't really believe the Book of Mormon is true but it was fun to meet with her. I don't think we will try to meet with her in the future to try to teach her.  My companion does not do so well with people completely bashing on his beliefs.  So we are avoiding that although.

This week I got a picture of the Mesa Temple with the Christmas decorations.  It so reminded me of my childhood.  We would always go to the temple and see the lights during Christmas time.  I also remember me trying to draw the temple so many times.  That is by far my favorite temple.  I just love temples.
Saturday we had to attend a Giveaway that the church was involved in.  It is a free school supply giveaway for the county because they are not too rich.  We sat at a table and waited for people to stop by to get gospel related stuff.  It was poorly planned on our part because we didn't know much about it.  So really we didn't have much interest from the people around.  I wish it could have gone better to be honest.
I don't think there is much left for the week.  We broke our record for the number of times we were able to build people's faith.  Elder Demke, my companion, lost to a 6yr old in chess. I went to the lake and played in the sand.
The scripture I wanted to emphasize is D&C 35:13-15.  My brother showed me this scripture and I have really taken a liking to it.  He gives much power to those who are weak.  I thought of Moses and how he not too strong but still was called to be a prophet.  It really is just quite amazing.  I know that I am weak and that I need to keep relying on the Lord.  I need to keep keeping my eye single to the Glory of God.
Anyways, have a great week.
With Love,

Elder Vance

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