Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Happy d-day week.  This year is the 71st anniversary day of D-Day.  We saw a little bit of it; Conneaut every year puts on a reenactment of D-Day around the Dog Days.  It was cool to see.  We didn't stay there long and sadly I did not pick anything up.  It just was really cool.

This week we went to Wendy's to weekly plan (good source of alliteration). We saw someone get pulled over and arrested.  It was quite funny but also really distracting.  Also the music they played in Wendy's was really distracting.  Talking Body is one of my favourite songs right now.  Very distracting.  Anyways I have started finding love in the hymns right now.  this goes along with what I realised this week.  I realised that this is my life.  I don't really remember anything in the past or what my life used to be.  I dream a missionary and I live it.

So this week we didn't really teach a whole lot.  We did a lot of service though.  We trimmed trees and painted a deck.  The paining of the deck was by far the best.  I love paining and doing anything with painting.  I just found it fun.  I also learned that I am allergic to the fern type of plant.  Not a fun thing.

So this week we have been having members who have been struggling.  One of them is going through a nasty divorce because of his wife being all antimormonism.  It is quite sad to see him in this condition.  I want to help but there is not much I can do.

We picked up 3 new investigators this week.  One of them seem strong the other two seem wishy washy. 

I am excited to go forward with faith.  I am studying a lot more this week.   I have noticed a change in my Spiritual connection.  One quote I would like to leave: "role play is the way the Lord teaches".  If we continue to practice then we can learn.  If you just learn but do not apply then it goes out one ear.  So we do role plays all the time because that allows us to be prepared even when it doesn't work out that way.  The Spirit will help you when you are prepared.  Anyways there is my scattery email of the week.

I am keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

With love to all,

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