Monday, September 28, 2015

Tips to survive missionary life

So based on what has happened this week and how this is also a journal for the future I have decided to dedicate this week to tips for missionaries.

This week we had Sister Capp come back!!!  That was exciting but also really awkward.  I regret not apologizing to her so for the future people out there, DO!!  Apologize to people you do wrong.  Even if it totally isn't your fault you should try to please people.

We also had a humongous problem with Ken.  The recent convert we had who just is not in a good situation right now.  He has said some sensual things to the missionaries that just aren't too good.  Don't ever, as a missionary, try to notify more people in the situation.  Notify the mission president and the bishop and leave it at that.  Who knows what it could do to other people.

If you are privileged with a car, do not abuse the miles for someone else.  Plan and be generous to future missionaries.  They have to deal with the same miles you do.  Be nice so in the future when it happens to you, you don't have to be stressed.

Speaking of stress, this week has been super stressful.  Having to deal with going over with miles it just sucks.  So please don't.  The best ways to get over stress is to work.  Just getting out of the apartment and being among the people is the best way to deal with stress.

Keep the apartment clean.  Cleanliness invites the Holy Ghost.  I am called Mother because I am all about being clean and doing the dishes every night.  Also learn how to clean before you come out.  Some missionaries do not know how to clean before they come out so learn.

When you get sick like I am today, get cough drops.  They help and like said before, keep on working.  If it is more serious call the Mission President's wife.  She will help you with your care.

Exact obedience is another step.  Being exactly obedient brings miracles.  You are more focused on your work and things change.  So please gain a testimony.

With that I totally believe that being exactly obedient brings miracles.  Just looking at who we taught yesterday showed that.  We finally were able to contact Christine.  She is the one who helped me when I fell off my bike.  I was so excited that we were able to teach her and to bless her life.  I see her becoming something great in the future.

So today was one of the first days that I wrote in my Book of Mormon.  I wrote in Alma 5:26.  I saw a connection with that and a conference talk this last conference.  The music of the gospel.  It just talks about how we need to focus our lives on the music.

I am working hard and I am excited to go forward with an eye single to the Glory of God.

With love,

Elder Vance

Monday, September 21, 2015

Relax, Don't Do It

A lot has happened in just the last week.  I went to my first ever exchange where I was receiving a new companion.  His name is Elder Russell from Saint George Utah.  This just happened to be my second companion from that area.  It might be a sign?!?!?!? I don't really know.  He is quite amazing.  I am his trainer and he is already doing better than I am. He has put his shoulder to the wheel.  We have a little more in common than Elder Demke.  He likes education but he also likes computer programming.  I know little to nothing about computer programming, but we still work together effectively.

So the whole ward has sort of forgotten who Elder Demke was.  When people ask where Elder Russell is from he says Saint George and they always relates it back to Elder Howard who served here before Elder Demke.  It is quite funny.

Also at transfers we got a new car!!!!! I was excited because it was a truck with four wheel drive.  He gave it to us because supposedly Ashtabula gets a lot of snow.  I laugh still because I don't know what I got myself into.  We are also struggling on miles because of taking the car.

It has been a very stressful week.  I hate change but sadly that is the only thing that is consistent.  It gets easier the more you do it.  I have sort of become the mother of the house because I do the cleaning because I hate mess.  It just is crazy.  I feel like the ward is disappointed with me because I work my hardest but it is not hard enough.  It just is so hard to please people.  I know that as I continue to pray and go forward with faith I will be able to adjust and become great.  

With the work this week we have been really working.  We have picked up more lessons and we don't just sit around doing nothing, we track.  It isn't the most fun but it is work.  We have seen blessings come from it.  We are teaching more people in this area than I have seen ever before.  I absolutely love it.  We picked up this family who seems interested and we are teaching them later tonight.  We just keep going forward.

So the Headley's, the people that I constantly talk about because they are so crazy, are working on getting a car so that they can come to church.  They are now able to drive and they are working on getting a car to church.  It is quite scary but also quite a miracle.  I thought they would never come to church but they are.

So I think I have been put with people on my mission to help me develop my Christlike attributes and to become a better parent in the future.  This last week has been a real patience tester.  A quote that comes to mind is from Thomas S. Monson saying "Life is full of difficulties, some minor and others of a more serious nature.  There seems to be an unending supply of challenges for one and all.  Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges, forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required".  I need patience because everything will pan out in the end.  I need to relax and not blow up.  It will help too as I keep my eye single to the Glory of God.  


Elder Vance

I love being out here.  I learn so much and continue to learn everyday.  Have a great week.

Me and the trees 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Because I'm Happy

I am in just a really happy state today.  The joy I have right now is just so full that I just cannot even describe.  I looked on my email and the Mueller Park Stake has started a giant group email.  It just made me absolutely happy.  

This week has been hard though.  Monday was by far the worst day I think I have had.  We were tracking and talking to people and we try going to this one house.  By the time we are in the driveway two dogs run out and start to bite us.  Well of course, we ran away.  I shed a few tears just because I could not hardly believe that someone would just have their dogs sick us.  To go on top of that, we went to someone's house to hand them a card and they threatened us with a gun.  We were kind and all but he still did.  But fun fact, that is not all, we called someone who was a potential investigator and he, over the phone, was yelling at us and telling us to f off.  Well, that was just Monday.  But the upside to it was that we found three new people to teach.☺

The rest of the week did go better.  We had training meeting because I have been asked to train.  That was a fun experience.  I loved going to that meeting.  We had to drive past Cleveland and so that was really exciting.  I am so excited to start training and to begin a new 3 months.

The trees here are starting to change color. It is actually quite scary.  I do not really want winter to start here.  I heard it gets below 0F.  NO NO NO.

So crazy story of the week goes to when we went to the H******'s.  We went inside this time which was a really crazy experience.  It is so hard to teach a lesson to people with so many distractions---that being bed bugs and such.  The worst distraction is when the fire alarm went off.  They said that sometime when the cockroaches run across the wires in the fire alarm it sets in off.  Elder Demke and I knew right at that instant that it was time to depart.  I am just laughing and thinking about how disgusting it is just to think about this.  Yet we will go back.

The best story of the week goes to Sister Molek.  Sister Molek is a less active who I just absolutely love to death.  She once upon a time was strong but since became inactive.  We have always been working hard with her to bring her back to church.  Well we haven't really gotten her to church but we have gotten her more into the gospel.  She is loved by a lot of people and was shown that yesterday at empty nesters.  She brought her friend and she went.  I feel like she had a good time and absolutely loved it.  We are working hard with her because she is leaving October 6th for two weeks and we don't want her to fall back. I just am so excited for all that goes on.

Because I am so happy today I have decided to share Moroni 7:45-48.  This scripture is all about charity and love.  I just have found charity.  When you find charity in every situation it just becomes easier to cope with all the negative around.  You find love for people you normally won't and just try your hardest to help them out.  When they stumble you try to help them up.  You just don't give up.

I love my work so much.  I am so excited about being out here.  My heart is so full today and my love is so great.  I will continue to keep my eye single to the glory of God in all times and in all places.

Thank you all and have a great week.

Elder Vance

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You, With Your Words Like Knives

Just one of the many songs being sung this week by Elder Vance.  I have also been singing High School Musical, the Hymns like always, and many more.
I don't even know where to begin this week.  I have had so many things happened both good and bad that it is just crazy.  So Monday, 31 August, we get a call saying that I made a dog go to the vet and they want money.  STAB. I felt like horrible the rest of the day.  I was playing with a dog (which I no longer do) and it was starting to get aggressive.  I ran away from it because it was on a leash so I thought I could escape that way.  The dog broke the leash and now got problems.  I take full responsibility.  There was a full fiasco and now the member does not want any contact.  I felt absolutely horrible.  They said it wasn't my fault because she should put more control over the dog.  I didn't really know what to do so yeah...
Also on Monday we visited the H******'s.  By now you know how crazy they are.  They talked about how they support love is love and the whole gay thing.  That was a shock.  She also tried to teach one of her neighbors about the gospel and was teaching false doctrine.  It was not good.  We learned that day that we need to reteach everything.
So Tuesday was all well and fine until we had to go to the Hospital.  The other Elders in the district had an incident with a boil on the leg.  We went to the hospital again.  It was still as fun as the first time.  I still love the hospital.
Throughout this whole week we have been doing service.  We are now called as the service people of the ward.  We just do service for those who ask and a lot of people ask.  It is fun but it is also fun teaching. 
Yesterday, Monday, we had a breakfast with the ward and did a lot of service.  We also got a lot of dessert.  I was happy.  I also learned that I am training after just being trained.  It caught me by surprise and I laughed a little.
Sometimes in the world people will use words to hurt you.  It can either hurt you really bad or you can push it off.  I am learning to push it off and not to fight back.  It can be hard but the more you do it the more happy you will be in the future.  If you keep your eye single to the glory of God, like I continue to do, it will change your lives.
A scripture I found that I will put over the door in my house someday in the future is Philippians 4:13.  I heard it
and fell in love with it. 

We have a member who wants the missionaries to bless lottery tickets.

Thank you to all who emailed me and have a great week.  I promise I will write a lot better next week.

This made me laugh

Me and the Tree