Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Because I'm Happy

I am in just a really happy state today.  The joy I have right now is just so full that I just cannot even describe.  I looked on my email and the Mueller Park Stake has started a giant group email.  It just made me absolutely happy.  

This week has been hard though.  Monday was by far the worst day I think I have had.  We were tracking and talking to people and we try going to this one house.  By the time we are in the driveway two dogs run out and start to bite us.  Well of course, we ran away.  I shed a few tears just because I could not hardly believe that someone would just have their dogs sick us.  To go on top of that, we went to someone's house to hand them a card and they threatened us with a gun.  We were kind and all but he still did.  But fun fact, that is not all, we called someone who was a potential investigator and he, over the phone, was yelling at us and telling us to f off.  Well, that was just Monday.  But the upside to it was that we found three new people to teach.☺

The rest of the week did go better.  We had training meeting because I have been asked to train.  That was a fun experience.  I loved going to that meeting.  We had to drive past Cleveland and so that was really exciting.  I am so excited to start training and to begin a new 3 months.

The trees here are starting to change color. It is actually quite scary.  I do not really want winter to start here.  I heard it gets below 0F.  NO NO NO.

So crazy story of the week goes to when we went to the H******'s.  We went inside this time which was a really crazy experience.  It is so hard to teach a lesson to people with so many distractions---that being bed bugs and such.  The worst distraction is when the fire alarm went off.  They said that sometime when the cockroaches run across the wires in the fire alarm it sets in off.  Elder Demke and I knew right at that instant that it was time to depart.  I am just laughing and thinking about how disgusting it is just to think about this.  Yet we will go back.

The best story of the week goes to Sister Molek.  Sister Molek is a less active who I just absolutely love to death.  She once upon a time was strong but since became inactive.  We have always been working hard with her to bring her back to church.  Well we haven't really gotten her to church but we have gotten her more into the gospel.  She is loved by a lot of people and was shown that yesterday at empty nesters.  She brought her friend and she went.  I feel like she had a good time and absolutely loved it.  We are working hard with her because she is leaving October 6th for two weeks and we don't want her to fall back. I just am so excited for all that goes on.

Because I am so happy today I have decided to share Moroni 7:45-48.  This scripture is all about charity and love.  I just have found charity.  When you find charity in every situation it just becomes easier to cope with all the negative around.  You find love for people you normally won't and just try your hardest to help them out.  When they stumble you try to help them up.  You just don't give up.

I love my work so much.  I am so excited about being out here.  My heart is so full today and my love is so great.  I will continue to keep my eye single to the glory of God in all times and in all places.

Thank you all and have a great week.

Elder Vance

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