Monday, September 28, 2015

Tips to survive missionary life

So based on what has happened this week and how this is also a journal for the future I have decided to dedicate this week to tips for missionaries.

This week we had Sister Capp come back!!!  That was exciting but also really awkward.  I regret not apologizing to her so for the future people out there, DO!!  Apologize to people you do wrong.  Even if it totally isn't your fault you should try to please people.

We also had a humongous problem with Ken.  The recent convert we had who just is not in a good situation right now.  He has said some sensual things to the missionaries that just aren't too good.  Don't ever, as a missionary, try to notify more people in the situation.  Notify the mission president and the bishop and leave it at that.  Who knows what it could do to other people.

If you are privileged with a car, do not abuse the miles for someone else.  Plan and be generous to future missionaries.  They have to deal with the same miles you do.  Be nice so in the future when it happens to you, you don't have to be stressed.

Speaking of stress, this week has been super stressful.  Having to deal with going over with miles it just sucks.  So please don't.  The best ways to get over stress is to work.  Just getting out of the apartment and being among the people is the best way to deal with stress.

Keep the apartment clean.  Cleanliness invites the Holy Ghost.  I am called Mother because I am all about being clean and doing the dishes every night.  Also learn how to clean before you come out.  Some missionaries do not know how to clean before they come out so learn.

When you get sick like I am today, get cough drops.  They help and like said before, keep on working.  If it is more serious call the Mission President's wife.  She will help you with your care.

Exact obedience is another step.  Being exactly obedient brings miracles.  You are more focused on your work and things change.  So please gain a testimony.

With that I totally believe that being exactly obedient brings miracles.  Just looking at who we taught yesterday showed that.  We finally were able to contact Christine.  She is the one who helped me when I fell off my bike.  I was so excited that we were able to teach her and to bless her life.  I see her becoming something great in the future.

So today was one of the first days that I wrote in my Book of Mormon.  I wrote in Alma 5:26.  I saw a connection with that and a conference talk this last conference.  The music of the gospel.  It just talks about how we need to focus our lives on the music.

I am working hard and I am excited to go forward with an eye single to the Glory of God.

With love,

Elder Vance

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