Monday, October 12, 2015


I don't really know what has happened this week. It's Monday morning at 11:29am and I don't remember much. Oh well...

I remember the service we had this week.  I was so happy.  I love service.  We helped someone clean up their house on the outside.  I rode a lawnmower.  It was fun.  I just love it.  Service does really bring happiness. 

Okay so sadly we are not having the two planned baptisms this week.  One of them haven't been to church and the other one has disappeared from us.  Oh, it's really sad.  I was really thinking that they were not ready but still planning on going through with it.  Anyways that was the one really only exciting sad thing of the week.

So this week was the third fruit pie I have eaten.  I still do not like pie.  I am sorry for all those I have offended there with that comment.

Oh and for the lovely people out there I found a quote today from Elder Randall Bennett from the Seventy that said "discouragement is a choice".  I afterwards put "Don't choose it".  It really works for life out here and everywhere.  Times/ issues will come up and we have a chance to get discourage.  Don't do it.  It makes everything easier.  The Spirit doesn't work well under those type of circumstances.  So as you keep your eye single to the Glory of God like I continue to do, try not to get discourage when hard times come.  Turn to prayer. It works.

With lots of love,

Elder Vance

Zach by the lake

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