Monday, October 19, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Well it has officially snowed this week and weirdly it made me happy.  Some would think that this really isn't Elder Vance, but it is!!! I was happy. That is the Merry Christmas reference.

Anyways, it has been a week of improvements and going back to the chalk board.  We are SO done tracking that we sat down and came up with new ideas to start gathering more people that does not involve accidents at all.  So with that we are going to start holding a Bible study class in two weeks.  It is exciting to have that here.

So crock pot dinners are the greatest things ever invented. We put stuff and come home at the end of the night and eat.  They taste so good.  We had spicy potato soup and cheesy potato casserole.  It was nice. Especially after biking 34 kilometers. 

So weather here is more bipolar than in Utah.  One minute it is so warm and nice out and just 30 minutes later it's raining and cold.  The wind shifts so quickly too.  It just is so crazy.

We still haven't been able to contact Cody.  He was the investigator with the baptismal date that disappeared from us.  We still pray that he will find the truth and come back but it's getting farther from us.

This last week we met with this wonderful Catholic couple who I just love so much.  They are like my Ohio grandparents I just love them that much.  Mr. and Mrs. Joslin are their names.  We talk and chat and talk about mission life.  They have 9 children and love talking about them.  They are really devoted to their faith but we still meet with them and teach them a little bit about Mormonism. I just absolutely love them so much.  

Gene is one we picked up.  He is an investigator of at least 5 years.  We are giving him a chance but he keeps looking at anti stuff online.  We tell him he will not progress but he will not stop.  It is quite sad.

We went to primary this week and it was amazing.  I absolutely loved being there.  I love the songs and stuff.  We talked about missionary work which was quite fun.

So I have picked my theme song for my mission.  It is "I'll go where you want me to go".  I just heard it and felt so touched by it.  It really is being humble enough to allow the Lord to make you who he wants you to be.  He will tell you to go where he wants you to go and he will tell you what to say.  it is quite magnificent.  It just all comes back to "Can the Lord depend on me?" If we are obedient and doing what is asked with all effort we can ultimately be led by the Spirit.  I know this and as I continue to (of course) keep my eye single to the Glory of God, He will lead me to where he wants me to go.

Have an absolutely fantastic week.

With absolute merry love,

Elder Vance

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