Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So Long, Farewell

Well I got a call yesterday which told me that I am being transferred.  That means don't send anything to the address that once was.  It came as a huge shock but I knew it was coming.  I overheard that they were finding apartments around this area so I thought that the area was going to be split.  I am training so I also thought that I wouldn't be transferred but that was not the way.

Looking back I think of all the fun and all the hard times I have had in this area.  I have learned how to be more tolerant and also how to find charity.  I remember all the times we had to go to the Headley's because they are members and all the laughs we had with them.  I remember all the less active members we were able to help activate.  It just touches my heart.

I really am heartbroken because of this transfer.  I absolutely love these people and am so sad to leave them.  I felt like I was doing good in this area and then boom it comes, you're leaving.  I know that this is all directed by Heavenly Father so I know that it is for the best.

This week we started setting up programs to start bringing people in.  We started passing fliers to people so we can have them pass out them to others.  I just look back at how much this area has changed between Elder Demke, Elder Russell and I.  It just is surprising.  So next week if I am freaking out you know why.

We taught a pastor this week.  His name is Pastor Matt and he is absolutely amazing.  He is part of a free will baptist church and agrees with a lot of what we say.  He is just so peaceful and not looking to debate.  He has read the Book of Mormon 2 going on 3 times but just is scared to change.  It's like what we believe, if you have known the truth and reject it, it just isn't the greatest.  He feels the same way.  HE KNOWS IT'S TRUE!!!! (me screaming in my head wanting to help him change).  I do one day see him changing and being converted.

So this week I got revelation on the scriptures.  I took 2 Nephi 32:8 and applied it unto myself.  There are suggestions that people throw out when studying the scriptures like likening them unto yourself.  I took that to heart and did it.  I made it say that the Spirit teaches a missionary to talk to everyone while the evil Spirit teaches a missionary not to.  It really hit me and became a great blessing this week.  Through following that scripture we were able to find Lynda.  She is a Methodist who we became friends with and helped her with her yard.  It was a really great blessing.  Things like this really help with scripture study.  If we liken them unto ourselves and be willing to act on them then we will receive revelation.  It is bound to happen if we do it.  The scriptures hold so much more than just the stories inside.

I will continue to always keep my eye single to the glory of God.

With love,

Elder Vance

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