Monday, November 9, 2015

And At Last I See the Light

And it's like the fog has lifted.  That is how I feel right now. This week I have felt like I have been in the fog.  Gotta love the flu!!! That has pretty much been my week.  Tuesday evening I started to get cranky.  Wednesday I started showing the signs and from late Wednesday evening on I have been sick.  So fun fact about Elder Vance is that he gets cranky right before he gets sick.  And also he takes so many pills so he doesn't feel pain. Almost finished a bottle of ibuprofen.  Today I feel like everything is starting to lift.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is quite a nice feeling.  My fear is that I will have to deal with this again.

So this week we taught an investigator of a long time.  His name is Brother Brook.  His wife is a member and he hasn't converted yet because he has so many questions.  Some of them aren't relevant but that is our job.  We need to have him find ways to answer his questions but also have him receive answers for himself.  It is quite fun to plan for him and try to find new ways to help him.

We also teach this less active named Royal.  Every time I say his name of course I start to sing the song.  Anyways he is quite amazing.  He grew up in a troubled home and has a troubled family life.  His stories are so awe inspiring and amazing.  I just can't describe.  We are trying to get him to church because it will so benefit him.

We are also teaching a less active named Joseph.  He is so much like the Durey family if I have talked about them in earlier letters.  He just is flaky and not really willing to do anything.  He says he will be at church but then turns around and goes to a different church.  Our issue is trying to get him to see that our church is the church to attend over the fun Protestant church.  He doesn't want to give it up so that will be fun to deal with.

So this week I have been studying Our Heritage, the book from the church.  It is quite amazing all the things I learned about the prophets.  One of my favorite, Heber J Grant, stood out to me. "When he tried out for the baseballteam, he was teased for his awkwardness and lack of skill and was notaccepted as a team member. Instead of becoming discouraged, he spentmany hours of persistent practice in throwing a ball and eventually became amember of another team that won several local championships."  This really stood out to me.  When things were not looking to good for him he kept on trying and kept on going.  He had the same experience for his penmanship.  It was bad but as he kept working on it, it became amazing.  So it shows that not all of us can be experts at everything at first, however, if we put in a lot of hard work no matter what it is we can become experts and know how to play.  I see this while teaching lessons.  I am not even close to being a perfect teacher.  However as I do role plays and keep on teaching I can become a lot better.  I know that God will strengthen those who really put their heart and soul into things.  If you keep your eye single to the glory of God you can accomplish anything.

With deep affection,
Elder Vance

Main Street 

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