Monday, November 30, 2015


o happy late Thanksgiving everyone.  Hope it was enjoyable for all.  Here it was a great day.  We wore casual clothing.  (yes missionaries have casual clothing) It was just a nice break.  We went over to a less active part member home---the Davis family--- and partied there for awhile.  It was nice because I was able to play games and do a whole bunch of stuff.  They were making chicken wings for Thanksgiving.  To me, they were doing it right.  

After that we went to our the Shumway home for the feast.  It was real nice there too.  They just happened to have music playing and it was real nice.  I really liked the Hello song by Adele.  We ate and played games afterwards.  The turkey they made was the best turkey I think I have ever eaten.  It was delicious and amazing.  I am not the biggest fan of turkey but I just could not stop eating this stuff.  It was like they added cocaine or something to it.  We played Mortality, a Mormon board game like Life, afterwards which was weird.  I was the first on to be bishop even though I rejected going on a mission 4 different times.  It was just a weird game.  That was my Thanksgiving.

On Saturday we went to a Kent State Basketball game.  We were only there until half time trying to look for a less active.  He wasn't there sadly.  This was the only game this season he hasn't been to.  It was kinda upsetting.  We will track him down at some point. 

Yesterday, Sunday, was really off.  We were in charge of giving the gospel principle lesson on the Final Judgment.  It was going good but really no one can predict what happens in that class.  It went off, twice, to the topic of selling pot.  We had someone say that it was okay to sell weed to someone for $45 in order to feed their family.  I, being Elder Vance, busted up laughing.  We ended the class because it was the end but I still laugh to this day.  Just quite funny.

Alma 34:38 states "and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you".  This is the scripture we used a lot this week to teach about Thanksgiving.  We share that we must live in Thanksgiving daily and really be grateful for all the many things which we are given.  The more we are grateful the more Heavenly Father would like to bless us with. So really living in Thanksgiving is the way.
I will continue to keep my eye single to the glory of God.


Elder Vance

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