Monday, November 16, 2015

Le Ward

So this week I would love to talk about le Rootstown ward.  They are absolutely amazing.  I love being here because all the ward members are so friendly and hip.  Every week we are given homemade bread which is to die for.  They use that bread for the sacrament.  The organist is a professional which is I absolutely love.  We have people feeding us and just willing to take care of us.  Someone took us to the store and bought food for us.  The love these people have for missionaries are so great.  I can't express enough appreciation to them.

So this week has been a very slow week.  I just feel like it's been forever.  We had zone conference which was fun.  We learned about family history and the fun things behind it.  We learned how to get investigators interested and how we can have them go to the temple.  It just was so fun to get to see the whole thing.

We also did service for this potential investigator family.  It was really fun because we did it with the sisters and they are just so fun.  It was wet and rainy though which made it hard but we still accomplished much.  We are going back and hope to continue to teach her.

We also have this other potential investigator living in South Carolina.  She once upon a time lived up here in Ohio but moved.  We went through formers and found her and got in contact with her.  We send text messages back and forth.  We are going to send it to the missionaries down there once she gets her house.  She was surprised that we had people down there.  Made us chuckle inside.

Well this week I chose to ponderise the scripture Proverb 12:22.  Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight. It is just one of those scriptures that just are so important.  Lying can be taken in so many ways.  I like to think about not lying to yourself. When you lie to yourself you get no where.  We recently watched the 12 step program videos and that is the first step.  Being honest.  No more lying and really come to yourself. That is what a lot of people have to come to in order to be converted.  They have to stop lying to themselves and come to accept truth.

Well I am keeping my eye single to the glory of God and I hope you all have a good week,

Elder Vance

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