Monday, November 2, 2015

Mi habitación está desordenada

So no I have not been transferred to a Spanish speaking area, I just found a book that had words/phrases in Spanish and I thought this one worked perfectly well.   If you put it in a translator it reads my room is messy. That is what I can describe coming to this new area.  We, Elder Russell and I, got the call to go together to Rootstown.  We enter the apartment and it smelt like Pot and was disgusting.  Not a fun first day.  We actually spent that day cleaning because both of us cannot stand to live in an apartment like that.  Today we did more cleaning and it is a lot nicer.  I actually really like it.

Anyways so now we are here in Ravenna, not Italy, OH progressing the work in the Rootstown ward.  The first few days I had mixed feelings about this area.  I was devastated to leave the people I loved in Ashtabula but excited because of a new area with stores and places around. Right now I absolutely love it here.  I don't want to leave this place either.  For the first time on my mission we have had 5 whole dinner appointments in 1 week.  That is absolutely crazy for me.  The food is good too.  It is just a really nice place.

When we got here the second day we went through the Area book trying to find people we can teach.  None of the records were updated so we are pretty much starting over.  We have to update so much and fix a lot of things.  It is a good learning experience and really helps us out with what we should leave the area book in an area.  Anyways, we decided to go walking and we had a guy track us down just to talk with us.  He had some questions to ask us and he fired away.  He asked so many question. (Questions like: What is your stance on the new tracing thing and that the Native Americans are not related to the Israels.  At the end of it I just laughed and thought how different this really is. People just come out of nowhere just to attack your beliefs.

We were also transferred into an area with Sisters.  This is the first area I am in that has sisters and I really see a difference with the work.  I love them so much.  They are able to connect and just so loving.  It is so nice to have them in the ward.  We have started working with them more to help each other out.  Anyways, I just absolutely love this area.

A story that comes to mind with this weeks change is A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose by Elder Uchtdorf.  He tells of Eva, who, like me, left a comfortable place that she loved.  "Over time, Eva made a surprising discovery: Great-Aunt Rose was quite possibly the happiest person she had ever known!" I took that and applied it to me.  Over time, I will find that I am supposed to be here to learn, like Eva did, and to help others out.  If you haven't read this story, do so now.  It is a great one that everyone can get something out of.  Anyways, I will keep Enduring to the End even though sometimes I don't like too.  But I will also keep my eye single to the glory of God.

With love to all,
Elder Vance

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