Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The new emojis

Well my lovely sister reminded me about the new emojis and I just have a funny story about it.  So the family we are going over to on Thanksgiving are the greatest people in the world.  They make me laugh.  So one day a few weeks ago she was mentioning how great the new emojis are because of the new one that flips people off.  She was like finally and was so excited and started using it.  Just the whole story made me laugh and so I thought I would share.  

That has been pretty much my week.  Just stories that make me laugh and made me happy.

The first thing to report on is that we found a golden investigator named Stephanie.  She is so happy that we are here to help and so spiritual that it is a good thing.  I just am so excited for her.  I see her getting baptized sometime here in the future.  She is absolutely amazing. She was going to the baptism this past weekend but got lost .  She had intentions but no phone to contact us.  She was also willing to introduce us to all her friends.  It was just an amazing experience.  

Also we have had much success within this area.  Elder Russell and I feel that we are really connecting with this area which is amazing.  We have started going out with Priest teaching Less Actives and Investigators.  We also are taking a lot of the members out.  It just is so fun to go out and teach. 

Well I will work harder to write stuff down during the week to report home.  I have sort of forgotten all that has transpired during the week.  I do remember that last night we chased Alpacas around until we caught one.  That was fun!!!

Well the scripture I have been ponderising this week is Doctrine and Covenants 4:5 mostly focusing on the "eye single to the glory of God" part.  It referred me to Matthew 6:22 which says that if the eye is single to the glory of God then thy whole body shall be full of light.  I am pondering right now and thinking about how if we look at things the way God looks at them we will be full of light.  But how can we do that?  God knows what glorious beings we can become.  He knows what can happen and what time it can happen.  So the way is to put our lives in sync with God.  Are we doing the things he commands us? Are we holding onto the rod and staying by the tree? Are we trying our hardest every day to have the Spirit with us and repent? If we live our lives the way God wants us to live our lives we will be full with light.  We will become glorious beings.  That is something we need to do on a mission.  If we are obedient God will shape us and lead us to become glorious.  I love being here and learning so much.  I will continue to do that and to keep my eye single to the glory of God.

With amor,

Elder Vance

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