Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hey guess what?!?

I realized that I created a group called family and that all that this email goes to is in the family.  Wow the things you can do.  

Well this last week was Christmas. The day after Christmas it was no longer Christmas.  This is a hard thing for people to comprehend.  You don't go around saying Merry Christmas December 26.  It just isn't right.

So nothing really exciting happened this week work wise.   We didn't have many cool things happen. We went caroling Christmas Eve and Christmas night.  It really brought joy into people's lives.  I didn't really realise the power of caroling until these nights.

I was able to see my family and some other person on Christmas day too.  It was great hearing them and talking to them.  It is amazing how technology has really progressed.  We went to the Eckel house and partayed there that day.

This week I pondered Hymn #243 Let Us All Press On.  It was really exciting.  I absolutely love that song and it works wonderfully for keeping your mind on the work.  When thoughts that you do not want pop into your head just sing.  The greatest remedy.

So sorry for this short letter but nothing really happened.  So I continue to keep my eye single to the glory of God.

Okay so the greatest thing happened on Saturday.  Please add this section to the email for the week.  We went to the Ustazewski home and ate dinner.  They have a child who has some problems with her muscles so she can't speak.  She is starting to learn sign language.  During dinner we were talking and I remembered a little bit of sign language from the past (back when I set a goal in maybe 2010 or 2009).  I knew the sign for milk and I did it.  It made her day.  She is about 5 but is a little behind.  Just the smile and everything really made my day and made me happy.  See goals you set for New Years do affect you in the future.  

avec beaucoup d'amour

Elder Vance

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