Tuesday, December 8, 2015

So Long, Farewell

I actually think that was the same title when I got transferred last time.  It feels like it was only 6 weeks ago.  I have loved my time here in Rootstown and look forward to what the future holds.  I am guessing that I will go to Sandusky.  Don't really know but a guess.  I have to pack and do a lot of stuff before tomorrow.

Anyways this week has been absolutely crazy.  It started off with a hair cut and Mikes place.  We had a huge meal for like $4.  It was nice because a member gave us a hair cut and paid for our meal too.  She got it for free though because she knows the owner.  It was a real nice day.

December 1st we got to go up to Kirtland and party there for the day.  It was the mission conference and we got to visit.  It was really nice.  We watched a movie too which is unheard of.  The best 2 yrs.  It is quite funny that we were able to watch it.

We picked up a whole bunch of new investigators this week.  The first one is Brother Townend.  He is part of a part member family.  We went to his house and taught him about prayer and the Word of Wisdom. He thinks that because he was not dead it is okay for him toe drink and smoke.  We laughed a little afterwards but during the lesson we testified that through prayer he can receive answers if he is actually willing to change.  That was hard for him to grasp because during the lesson he kept getting progressively drunk.  It just was spirit filled with a little bit of laughter.

The second one is Brother Haworth.  He is a HQ referral who wanted a Book of Mormon.  We dropped it off to us and set up a return appointment.  We went back and he let us in and we tried to get to know him.  He said he is a college student and just living here with his boyfriend.  (At this time thoughts were flying through my head) We continue to talk which lead to the Restoration.  He has many conspiracies that might stop him in the future from progressing.  It is sad though that I won't be able to see him change.

The third one is Brother Smith.  He is by far the coolest one we picked up.  He is a member referral from Brother Fortson, his great uncle.  He is so ghetto and hip.  He was a past member of the Crips gang and is now searching for truth.  He relates to the Mormon religion because Mormon means black man and also Moroni (not I but ee at the end) is his rap name (I think that is what he said).  It is just so fun to teach him.  He wants to be baptized but he is living with his girlfriend who  is going though a divorce.  That will be fun to tell him.

The last one we are really working with is the Barnes family.  Brother Barnes wants his children to have the moral compass the church can bring so he is having us come over.  It is just so fun to go over and to see what goes on.  They are a hoot.  We teach their children about prayer and about all sorts of things.  Last time we tried having a lesson on the Tree of Life.  It went well.  I,on accident, beat my companion with a police baton though.  My mistake.  It hurts more than I though it did.  Anyways we are teaching them tonight and I just look forward to it.

Those are pretty much the people we are really focusing on.

Oh and when tracking yesterday we were stopped by a totally tree hugger guy.  He calls himself the Kent TreeMan.  This just shows how crazy he was.  He talked about how he fasts for 40 something days and a whole bunch of weird stuff.  I got to the point where (shame on me) I stopped listening to him.  He just kept on talking and talking and talking and it just wouldn't stop.  Luckily you just have to be bold and say "Hey we have another appointment, sorry we can't keep talking" and walk away.  Of course you give him a card but you give him an HQ referral card with the number on it.  Anyways I look back and just laugh.

So the scripture of the week goes to Romans 15:1. 

We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak , and not to please ourselves. 

This scripture was picked out for me.  It really shows how much patience I have.  Elder Russell and I went through the Christlike attribute section and picked out a scripture that we both thought we could work on.  Mine of course fell under patience and how I need to be more patience when people don't do things the best way for it to be done.  So that is what I have been trying to work on.  Breathing really helps with it.  Also Christ *snapping*. Thought Christ all weak things can be made strong.  So as I keep keeping my eye single to the Glory of God I can work on my lack of patience.  

prends soin de toi, (French for something, don't really know)

Elder Vance

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