Monday, January 25, 2016

Paczki season

It's Paczki (pronounced poonski) season.  I don't know much about it but it makes me happy.  It is a dessert that they make only one season throughout the year.  I haven't had one yet but I look forward to.  Maybe I'll try one today.  So excited!!!

Well I just want to share that this week I hear a gun shot go off up the street and I was not scared at all.  I just kept going about my business.  I was so proud of myself.  Gunshots don't even bother me anymore.

So not much happened this week.  Transfers happened. I got a new companion named Elder Hale.  He is from some place other than the desert.  Mapleton UT

We met a guy named Gary.  We went out in the middle of nowhere.  I actually felt like I was going to a cabin.  We knocked on a door and Gary answered and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon.  He is a busy guy and he said that we could come back.  He actually genuinely seemed interested.  So exciting.

Also we have a member set up a lesson for us to teach an investigator.  His name is Denny.  He has been given the gift to know when people are going to die.  He just knows and it freaks him out.  He has predicted deaths to occur and they do occur.  It has bothered him so we tried giving him comfort to the best of our knowledge.

So one of my favourite talks from this last conference was Hugo Montoya's.  First his accent is on point. Second it just is such a great talk to help others around you.  First—go the second mile.
 Second—please smile. Your smile will help others. Third—express compassion. Fourth—invite others to come to church.  This just made me happy.  It talks about how just a smile can make someone's day 1000x better.  It can give them comfort.  Also I liked how it told people to do missionary work.  I know that as we help other people with their heavy burdens then they can see the light that the gospel can bring.

Well I am continuing to keep my eye single to the glory of God.  Especially when I want to quit.  A quote I found in my scriptures was "When your trials become hard to stand up to; try kneeling!" Such a great way to end.

I love you I love you I love you, muah muah muah (relating to someone in a old folks home)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold as ice

That is honestly what I feel like.  The weather has gotten so bitterly cold and it is not terribly fun.  The other day we were tracting in -4 F wind chill weather.  Oh so much fun. 

So last week we actually played soccer as a zone and we got lost of time.  We had an appointment at 5 and so we had a very short time emailing.  I love soccer and I am too competitive to really try to play with missionaries.  It makes me mad.  But I still love it.

So some fun facts from he last two weeks:

1. We killed a mouse!!!  We saw him one day run across and we were like "we need to kill him." That led us to buy a mouse trap and we put cheese on it.  Well he would eat the cheese but wouldn't die.  We kept this going until the Louie was probably a fat happy mouse.  The score Louie 6 Missionaries 0.  Well someone told us peanut butter and so we used it.  Hah we ended up winning in the end.  Louie 8 Missionaries 1.  It was very exciting.

2. I attended my first funeral on my mission.  We were really close with Sister Cross and her passing was a complete surprise.  It supposedly was a blood clot.  Anyways, when we were there we got to meet Scott Anderson the guy who directed The Best Two Years.  It was cool to shake his hand.  

3. We started teaching a pastor.  His name is Ron.  He was a pastor from a church that is no longer there.  We gave him an ARP book because he loves to help people move on from their addictions.  As we were talking conversation change and it ended up on prophet.  We started talking about prophets and he was like "hey I have a district supervisor same thing".  We laughed inside and we were like NO!!!.  It just was a funny experience of the week.

4. So I don't know if I have talked about our investigator Montana.  Well now he is a former.  He was so amazing.  He wanted to learn and he would have been perfect.  Sadly, he talked to his landlord and now he is not investigating.  So the lesson I learned here was never to talk to your landlord about religion.

5. I found someone else who does not like fruit!!! There is another missionary, Elder Brewer, who, like me, cannot stand fruit.  It was so fun to talk to him and to relate how we both can't.

6.  We have started teaching this guy name Bill.  He is solid.  I am so happy.  He right now is not willing to change but he said that if he feels like he needs to he will make that change.  It was so great to hear that.  I absolutely love it.

7. We also starting to teach a sweet lady named Carol.  We are helping her with family history so that was so much fun.

8. Learned today that I am getting a new companion named Elder Hale.  All I know.

I love my mission.  I love the joy that this gospel can bring into people's lives.  I love to be there to see and to help them.

The quote I have been working with is by Spencer W. Kimball.  It says "Great women and men are always more anxious to serve than to have dominion".  That is a great quote for me who love to have power.  I love to be in charge.  I am trying to just find opportunities to serve others especially when I keep my eye single to the glory of God.  


Elder Vance

Brother Perry. A favorite member

Exchanges with Elder Brewer

#nofear. Standing on Lake Erie

#eastside. His area. 

Monday, January 4, 2016


Well 2015 is officially over.  Surprise for those who didn't know about it.  Nothing much has happened this week.  It was really another slow week.  People aren't home and if they are they don't want to be bothered this week.  It just was slow. 

We have many miracles throughout the week but I am only going to share two.

1I had real Mexican food.  We have authentic Mexican investigators who made homemade salsa and other stuff.  It was so good.  Also to go along with it, we started teaching some of them.  Joe was his name and he ate it up.  He wanted all the pamphlets and we gave it to him.  The sad thing is he is not in our area.  That seems to be our luck.  We attract all the golden people but they are always outside of our area.

2 We got $100 worth of free bakery items.  It was really nice because I was able to get fat off of cookies.  Really nice.

Well I have been ponderising the scripture Genesis 19:18.  It is a great scripture for the "how the gospel blesses family" section.  It tells that as they teach the gospel and live it then they have the blessings of Abraham.  Abraham was promised blessings so it just is a good scripture to relate to that teaching. 
Well I am keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

Have a good week,