Monday, February 22, 2016

Life goes on

That is pretty much what has happened this week.  Life just keeps going on.  I don't have much to report on at all this week.

The Phillips came to church.  They are investigators.

The Johnson family are starting to progress again and hopefully to baptism.

I am still doing well.

I just got done playing soccer for the last time as a zone this transfers.  Transfers are next week so I'll email on Tuesday.

In church I heard a great metaphor.  We all heard how our bodies are like a temple.  Well someone pointed out how precise and specific the building of the temple really is.  It is done to the point and if they mess up they do it again.  That is how we should build our bodies up.  We should be precise and to the point and then our bodies can be just like the temple too.  It just was a good way to put it.  Sometimes we look at the outside of our bodies and compare it to the outside of the temple while in fact we should also look at the inside of our bodies and compare it to the internal structure of the temple.



I survived this week.  That is a miracle of itself.  On Sunday we woke up and it was a stinkin' cold 6 degrees outside.  Weirdly, my body is not a big fan about it.  I did survive though.

So this week ended Paczki week.  I had my last Paczki on Fat Tuesday.  It was chocolate filled.  We also brought some to the whole district.  That was fun.

So last week on preparation day we had the chance to go bowl in Bowling Green.  Just another thing to check off of my bucket list.  I bowled a good 54(I think, could be + or - 20).

Well this last week has been a lot better week than week pasts.  We were able to boost up our teaching.  I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Thruston on Tuesday which was much needed. I learned a lot from him.

So Caroline, the person we had come to church last week, dropped us this week.  It is quite sad because she was so golden.  My prediction is that her boyfriend, who also came to church, persuaded her not to follow this course.  He did not have a good experience.  He has social anxiety and wasn't helped in any way.  He had to get his inhaler when he say someone looking at his ring which was of a cross.  It is just quite sad but I know that it touched her in a way that somewhere in the future it will come up again.

The Johnson family got a car!!! This is such a miracle for the week.  They have been without a car due to their son crashing it.  They finally got one and now they can start coming to church.  Our main issue with church was trying to get someone who had the space to take 6 people in the car.  Now they have a car so they can start coming.  So exciting!!! We taught a very powerful Word of Wisdom lesson on Tuesday and he was all in for trying to live it.  I just can't wait until their ready to be baptised.

We also had a very powerful lesson with Vince on Tuesday. We got him to realise that he needs to come to church.  Sadly he didn't come but he did say next week.  That is our biggest struggle.  Trying to get people to come to church. I have mentioned it before but it is a huge struggle.

On Thursday we opened someone's eyes to the Plan of Salvation.  Denny, a member referral, understood it and said it made sense.  That was another miracle that happened this week.  The Lord works through members to find people to teach.  He said that he would be baptised but not yet.  

On Friday I started Act 2 of the No Me Gusta Gatos series.  We went back and I realised it wasn't that bad until I started counting the cats.  I counted 20+ cats and 1 dog just from where I was standing.  I would not even touch them.  They are just so gross. The day after, I had a chance to hit a cat with the car but I decided not too.  Too messy of a job.  I said that if I had a truck I would have.

On Saturday we were able to eat dinner with a less active member.  Another miracle.  The Kruse family should be active but they are not.  We shared with them an object lesson about putting God's faith filling acts first and then doing our things.  It just was really good lesson and they told us that they enjoyed it.

Sunday came along which was nice.  Sure it was 6 but still nice.  We were able to stop by the Weber home.  Another miracle occurred.  Brother Weber, who wants to be active but is not due to work, told us that his job no longer requires him on Sunday.  This was a huge miracle.  Also another miracle to go with it is that his nonmember wife is starting to loosen up with the church.  She is reading the Book of Mormon.  That was just so great.

Just writing this email opened my eyes to all the many miracles that are happening in my area.  The Lord keeps moving along.  It goes along with the scripture I read this morning.  Doctrine and Covenants 58:4⎯For after much tribulation come the blessings.  Wherefore the day cometh that ye shall be crowned with much glory; the hour is not yet, but is nigh at hand.  This scripture represents this transfer.  Last week was a little more difficult but looking back I see all the blessings that have come from keeping my eye single to the glory of God.  I will continue to do this work and find new ways to keep going forward.

With jumping love,

Elder Vance

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vomit Free Since 2016!!!

Well I have to restart my vomit free calendar.  Yesterday morning at about 5 I threw up.  This prohibited me to go anywhere the whole day.  It was miserable.  I never thought that spending a whole day not doing anything could be so miserable.  Sure it was nice to sleep an extra 5 hours but overall I wanted to get out.

During that time inside the house we had an investigator come to church!!! I am so thankful for Sister Park and Sister West.  We called them in the morning and were like "hey we got someone coming, watch out for her".  They did and they made her experience amazing.  At the end she said how she felt like this was the place she needed to be.  I was so happy when I heard this over the phone.

So we actually found Caroline when we were tracting.  Elder Hale felt prompted to go to this one street to tract and so we did.  When she answered the door we introduced ourselves and our message. Needless to say, she was not interested.  At that moment I just said hey would you like to come to church with us.  She was surprised and said sure.  We talked about how we focus a lot on children and that was something she liked.  Later I knew that it was the Lord leading both of us together to get to her.  It was just so amazing and so touching.  Miracles do exist!!!

So overall this week has been sooooo slow.  We taught not many people.  We were out but I feel our efforts were in vain.  I look back and I see that I was more focused on numbers that I was on helping people.  That is one of my goals for the week.  Trying to help them instead of trying to get numbers.

One thing we are doing as a mission the whole month of February is #FebFindFest.  We are devoting the time from 5 to 6:30 to personal finding.  This is a great benefit because most people are home around that time.  We are talking to people and getting a lot done.  We just need to find a balance of teaching and finding.

So this morning I opened up to a random chapter in the Book of Mormon and decided to read it with the question What can I learn?.  I opened up to Helaman 12.  Oh my!!! I learned a lot about trials and hardships.  Verse 3 talks about how we are given them so we can remember him.  Sure I knew that but I didn't see the bigger picture until verses 23-24.  I took this to mean that we are given trials and hardships so we can repent and come unto Christ.  He is doing this so we can be restored to grace.  We are given trials so we can stay on the path and return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Never has this clicked like it did today.  It really does help when looking at the eternal perspective of things.  I know that as I continue to keep my eye sing to the glory of God and focus on the eternal perspective of things then I can do miracles and really help people here in Tokedo (Got a referral this last week that spell Toledo that way).

Have y'all a good week.

Elder Vance

Monday, February 1, 2016

Just another week

Another week has gone by.  Nothing new has changed.  The weather is a lot warmer.  We again had no one come to church.  That is the plague of missionary work. Trying to get people to come to church.  They always say they will but they never do.  So what we probably will do is stop by their house and drive with them to church.  That is how we actually got someone to come to church before.

So this week we taught a guy named Brad.  We contacted into him by biking down the street.  It was a warm week so we decided to bike a lot.  Well we found him and talked to him.  He let us in and was all friendly.  It was great.  We set up a return appointment for that coming Saturday and so we visited him again.  This time he was high.  You can smell the weed.  We asked if we could maybe come back another time if it would be better but he replied that we had to see him in the best and the worst of times if we wanted to be his friend.  So we continued talking to him.  As we continued his brother from another mother walks in and just pulls a gun out.  It just was so weird what went on. We will continue to meet with him though.

So this week I started taking notes in Sacrament meeting.  I actually learned a lot more when taking notes that I think all the sacrament meeting of the past.  It just livened up the meeting.  One thing that a member said was that Gratitude leads to action.  She used the story of a mother who was watching over another child because of something else this child's mother had to do.  Then she talked about how grateful the child's mother would have been and would be willing to return the favor.  It just hit me that gratitude is an action.  I have been given so much in life and I am so grateful for it.  Warm house, warm shower, warm weather during the summer, warm clothing to wear during the winter.  I have been given so much so why can't I act and give back to God.  It just works.  I am so very grateful for all that I have so I can at least for two years keep my eye single to the Glory of God.


Elder Vance