Monday, February 1, 2016

Just another week

Another week has gone by.  Nothing new has changed.  The weather is a lot warmer.  We again had no one come to church.  That is the plague of missionary work. Trying to get people to come to church.  They always say they will but they never do.  So what we probably will do is stop by their house and drive with them to church.  That is how we actually got someone to come to church before.

So this week we taught a guy named Brad.  We contacted into him by biking down the street.  It was a warm week so we decided to bike a lot.  Well we found him and talked to him.  He let us in and was all friendly.  It was great.  We set up a return appointment for that coming Saturday and so we visited him again.  This time he was high.  You can smell the weed.  We asked if we could maybe come back another time if it would be better but he replied that we had to see him in the best and the worst of times if we wanted to be his friend.  So we continued talking to him.  As we continued his brother from another mother walks in and just pulls a gun out.  It just was so weird what went on. We will continue to meet with him though.

So this week I started taking notes in Sacrament meeting.  I actually learned a lot more when taking notes that I think all the sacrament meeting of the past.  It just livened up the meeting.  One thing that a member said was that Gratitude leads to action.  She used the story of a mother who was watching over another child because of something else this child's mother had to do.  Then she talked about how grateful the child's mother would have been and would be willing to return the favor.  It just hit me that gratitude is an action.  I have been given so much in life and I am so grateful for it.  Warm house, warm shower, warm weather during the summer, warm clothing to wear during the winter.  I have been given so much so why can't I act and give back to God.  It just works.  I am so very grateful for all that I have so I can at least for two years keep my eye single to the Glory of God.


Elder Vance

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