Monday, February 22, 2016

Life goes on

That is pretty much what has happened this week.  Life just keeps going on.  I don't have much to report on at all this week.

The Phillips came to church.  They are investigators.

The Johnson family are starting to progress again and hopefully to baptism.

I am still doing well.

I just got done playing soccer for the last time as a zone this transfers.  Transfers are next week so I'll email on Tuesday.

In church I heard a great metaphor.  We all heard how our bodies are like a temple.  Well someone pointed out how precise and specific the building of the temple really is.  It is done to the point and if they mess up they do it again.  That is how we should build our bodies up.  We should be precise and to the point and then our bodies can be just like the temple too.  It just was a good way to put it.  Sometimes we look at the outside of our bodies and compare it to the outside of the temple while in fact we should also look at the inside of our bodies and compare it to the internal structure of the temple.


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