Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Good Friday!!!

As we all know this last week was Good Friday.  Such a great time of the year.

Anyways so this last week I got myself into Diet Coke.  I don't drink much of it but I do like it.  I also think that it tastes better with a lemon in it too.  Don't know yet.  I am trying to decide what I like.

Well this week has been an average week.  Nothing too crazy has happened.  We picked up a few new people to teach which is exciting. (Just realized I don't fully know how to report on a normal week).

One of the people we have picked up is a family named the Pegorch family.  They are so cool.   They requested a Bible and a Book of Mormon.  We delivered it to their house and was able to testify about how they work together to bring truth.  We set up a return appointment with them and will continue to teach them.  

We also officially picked up Bianca as a new investigator.  I have talked about her in previous letters but now I can say that we actually are teaching her.

Last we met a guy named Jose.  Don't know if I talked about him last week but who knows.  So we contacted him about 3 weeks ago and try to set something up.  It didn't work out and he said he wasn't interested.  A week later we get a text early in the morning from him and how he wants to meet.  It was so cool!!! Anyways we met with him and supposedly he is going though some troubles with his faith.  We worked with him and are going to continue to work with him.

Oh and another story is that one of our investigators is actually a member.  We talked to this guy named Frank next to our apartment and he was open to us teaching him.  We were like yeah!!! and continue to teach him. Yesterday we get a new ward roster and going through it I found his name.  I was surprised and also laughed a little.  We invited him to be baptised when we taught him when really he already was.  He never told us he was a member and I don't think he remembers that he is a member.  Just a little funny.

So with it being Spring we can do some spring cleaning of ourselves.  A good scripture is Mosiah 27:25-26. It just talks about how we can change/be born again.  It is of course through Jesus 
Christ who helps us get there.  We can change our ways through following him.  There are countless ways to change to better ourselves.  Whether it is smiling at someone on the street more often or it is going about serving people.  There are many ways and this is such a good time to do it. So Just Do It.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chinese Buffet Act 2

Well I went to another Chinese Buffet this week.  It actually happened to be the same one and everyone wanted to go there.  This time I didn't eat as much but at the end I still didn't feel the greatest.  Oh well I was able to have fun.

So last Monday, I was able to make these delicious Buckeyes.  They were so good and I ended up giving some away because I didn't was to eat them all.  I gotz a recipe and supposedly it's a killer one.

So we have had good weather this week and that has lead to us biking a lot more.  Most of our biking happens to be against the wind.  It is always windy here so we just go along biking against the wind.  The great thing about biking is that you find people to talk to.  One day we found a guy who thought he was so nice but was actually really not.  He said he was a Socialist and that he does things to help other out.  I didn't agree with his "acts of kindness"  but he did have a really cool dog.

Also this week we went back to Helping Hands.  It's just a place we volunteer.  I went there all the time with Elder Whipple but since he has been gone I haven't really been there.  They were glad to see us and it was fun getting to talk with them again and to help out.

Well I realised this last week that I am still a child.  Yesterday a member gave us chocolate cake at church and when my companion was in the bathroom I sat on the floor and started eating it.  Members passed by but I didn't care, it was chocolate cake.  Also yesterday we were given girl scout cookies.  Another blessing/miracle of the week.

So the people we have been working this week are sort of progressing.  We met with Brad, he totally committed himself to come to church.  This of course was after he told us to meet on the porch because he didn't want the police questioning us if they came.  Supposedly he has people down there that are smoking something.  He didn't say what but we know it's not normal cigarettes.

We met with Vince and set a baptismal date with him.  It is set for May 7th.  We see that he is progressing but our main issue is trying to get him to come to church!!! That seems to be everyone's issue!!!

We met this new guy name Frank.  Supposedly he has met with missionaries in the past and he is interested in meeting more with us.  He says he not interested but we can come by.  We are trying to get his girlfriend interested to get him interested.

We have a lot of potentials we are going to contact this week to see if they can make a change in their life.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was a good Sunday.  We had a very amazing sacrament meeting.  We had a family who sang A Child's Prayer that just changed the meeting.  They didn't sing it terribly well but that didn't matter.  What mattered is that the Spirit was so there and it left a lot of people saying that that was the best sacrament meeting in a long while.  One speaker shared a story about how other people's prayers helped her get through her hard times of depression.  She said that other people's prayers can have an impact on faith and continued to talk about that.  It is amazing how just one little prayer for someone else can make a huge difference in their life.  I thought about that and how I need to pray more specifically about people.  I will say the general stuff but fail to say the deep stuff.  So that is my goal for the week for me and maybe for you too.  Let's see what we can change by praying more selflessly and more specifically.

Trying to continue keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So it's easter season and the church has finally released their easter initiative video.  It is totally on fleek.  The new word I have been using.  So there happens to be two video that are just so great and invite the spirit.  I invite all to watch it on and then share it some way.  My vision is to make this video trending in Toledo (hah).

So this week has been one of those slow but also quite crazy weeks.  The weather has been great. We improved on our lessons with a member present number.  That I think was the best part.  We were able to use members to help people teach.  I know I think (not good grammar but oh well) I have talked about it before but members are so key.  We had a lesson with Brad and we took a member over and it was just so powerful.  It was really great to see a difference in the lesson.

We also last Monday taught Jonathan and his wife.  Jonathan is a member but his wife is not.  They are a part member family we just came in contact with.  She is a walking miracle.  She has been through so much and yet still is going on.  She has so many incredible things happen to her which I cannot even explain.  It just is so cool trying to teach her.

On Tuesday we were able to have another Lesson with a member present.  This was the Genoa Johnson family.  Members are so cool.  They are really good at helping you state your purpose.  The cool thing about this fellowship is that they both went to the same church.  This was just another testifier of the truthfulness of PMG.  It talks about how you more directly want people from the same church to help you teach.  It just improved the lesson.  We are going backthis Thursday to continue teacher her and her family.

Wednesday, I got my first load of marriage advice.  I was told to go against waht is taught and not get married until I have college done.  I laughed inside and thought how that cannot happen.  That is way too long.

Thursday was the one with Brad I talked about earlier.  Also we were able to go back to Little Sisters of the Poor.  It was really great to serve there again.  I just love old people.  They almost become like children again.

Friday, we helped someone move to Missouri.  That was fun.

Saturday was more fun. We went tracting around an area which hasn't been tracted for a while.  We picked up a few more potenital investigators.  One, whose name is Travis, is from Texas and so cool.  He has this y'all accent and we look forward to teaching him more.  I was so happy and I am so now.  Just so great!!!!

So yesterday at church we had a youth talk about repentance.  She said that repentance is like weeds.  I thought about that and I actually really liked it.  No one (correction, not many people) likes to pick weeds out of the ground to clean up the yard.  It is hard and especially under the sun.  But if you do it day by day pulling small little roots than they don't become big ones that are hard and take a lot more effort. That is why we are asked to repent each and every day because we don't let the weeds become to big and we just feel better when we are done.  So it is spring time and a good time to do both kinds of weeding.  Have fun...

Still keeping my eye single to the glory of God,

Elder Vance

Monday, March 7, 2016

Cinco de Mayo

Well as most of you know it is not even close to Cinco de Mayo but here is a Mexican food place called that and we ate there this week.  It was so nice to eat Mexican food other than Taco Bell.  Taco Bell is great but better is better.  Also this week I tried Lake Erie Perch.

So this week I was told that I had to give up driving because I was no longer the designated driver.  It was sad but it also meant that I got the phone.  That was good though.

So as you might already tell nothing huge happened this week.  No big stories, just a regular week.  The temperature is getting warmer which I like but it's supposed to rain all next week.  We will see.  Don't really know Ohio weather.

So this week we picked up an investigator named James.  James was a former investigator from the past.  He has read the Book of Mormon 2x but has not received an answer yet if it is true.  So today we are going to work with him to help him receive an answer.

This week we just have been working with the same people: both the Johnson families, Glenda, Martha, Phillips family and countless others.

Last week i don't know if I reported this but I will do it again.  We were able to contact this referral this week.  So one day about 2 weeks ago we were tracking and knocked on this door of this little kid.  We were just so kind and asked him about a Bible and what he knew.  We gave him a card and left.  We later learned that he (about 7yrs old) calls the number on the card because he wanted a Bible.  We were able to go back and deliver his Bible and introduce ourselves.  It just was such a great experience to see how children work.

So yesterday we had stake conference.  President Griffioen talked about trials and how trails are there to get us to where God wants us to go.  He told a story about how his son is preparing for a half marathon and went out running the other night.  He has one of those apps that track your speed and direction.  When he came home he showed the app to his dad which showed that he was going a slower speed one direction until all of a sudden he is going the other way in a fast speed.  He said that he was being chased by a big dog.  He related that to trials and how sometimes we will be given trials that leads us in a different direction and at a different speed that how we want.  I related that to a scripture I found this morning. Proverbs 3:11-12  My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord ; neither be weary of his correction: For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth ; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.  He knows what is best for us and he will lead and guide us. That is something I need to continue to work on.

Well I am doing great. I haven't been sick so that's good.  I am continuing to keep my eye on the glory of God.

I guess just love this week,
Elder Vance

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Stay sexy and smart"

Well I was told this week to stay sexy and smart.  This was just one of the greatest quotes I have heard in a long time.  Some crazy member who can't hear anything we say told us it.  It just has been with me all week.

To go with that, I got a haircut this week.  We got it for free by a member whose name is Britney.  She works at a saloon and so I was just really excited.  Another Britney to cut my hair.

To continue on the same thematic topic. I found the greatest smelling perfume this week.  Wild Madagascar Vanilla.  It is to die for. 

Well so this week has been a lot better.  We were able to volunteer at the Little Sisters of the Poor place.  We worked with nuns to help feed people and do crafts with them.  It was so cool and such a great experience.

We were able to hunt down a less active member who we lost total contact with.  We went to a baptism in Fremont and she was there.  It was a great baptism and such a great experience.

We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.  That was just good.

So we finally had something crazy happen this week.  It has been a long while since something like that has occurred.  One night we stopped by a house of a less active.  His son was there and some stranger was also there.  It was absolutely scary.  The son and the stranger said that there were demons in the house and that they were possessing them.  The stranger confesses that the demons made him eat dog poop and stick his head down the toilet.  The son said that demons controlled him so that he hit a 50yr old on a bike.  It was so sad but also quite funny.  Luckily we were able to get out of there pretty quick.

So this week we were able to still contact all the people we do.  We were able to teach the Phillips family.  We taught the Johnson family.  We picked up another Johnson family.  This one came from tracting.  We tracted into them and they were not interested.  We gave them a Bible tract and they actually ended up calling the number and requesting a free Bible.  We were able to go back and actually start teaching them.  We are seeing them tonight.  We taught Sister Lipstraw.  She is an investigator and she totally Ohio.  We talk and in the middle she diverts the conversation.  So many things like that happen out here.  We are also teaching many other people.

So the scripture I have used a many of times this week is Alma 13:28.  I have pretty much memorized this scripture.  It was a good one for patience.  As we pray and seek out the Holy Ghost we can find patience.  I keep looking at my prayers and I keep seeing that they suck.  It is like a roller coaster.  I have really good ones at the peak but then it goes down.  It just is something I really need to work on.  

Well I am doing great.  I haven't beens sick unless you count the way I felt yesterday after eating at a Chinese buffet.  Just can't do it.  Anyways have a great week.

Signing off,

Elder Vance

The lake again. Absolutely love it!



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