Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chinese Buffet Act 2

Well I went to another Chinese Buffet this week.  It actually happened to be the same one and everyone wanted to go there.  This time I didn't eat as much but at the end I still didn't feel the greatest.  Oh well I was able to have fun.

So last Monday, I was able to make these delicious Buckeyes.  They were so good and I ended up giving some away because I didn't was to eat them all.  I gotz a recipe and supposedly it's a killer one.

So we have had good weather this week and that has lead to us biking a lot more.  Most of our biking happens to be against the wind.  It is always windy here so we just go along biking against the wind.  The great thing about biking is that you find people to talk to.  One day we found a guy who thought he was so nice but was actually really not.  He said he was a Socialist and that he does things to help other out.  I didn't agree with his "acts of kindness"  but he did have a really cool dog.

Also this week we went back to Helping Hands.  It's just a place we volunteer.  I went there all the time with Elder Whipple but since he has been gone I haven't really been there.  They were glad to see us and it was fun getting to talk with them again and to help out.

Well I realised this last week that I am still a child.  Yesterday a member gave us chocolate cake at church and when my companion was in the bathroom I sat on the floor and started eating it.  Members passed by but I didn't care, it was chocolate cake.  Also yesterday we were given girl scout cookies.  Another blessing/miracle of the week.

So the people we have been working this week are sort of progressing.  We met with Brad, he totally committed himself to come to church.  This of course was after he told us to meet on the porch because he didn't want the police questioning us if they came.  Supposedly he has people down there that are smoking something.  He didn't say what but we know it's not normal cigarettes.

We met with Vince and set a baptismal date with him.  It is set for May 7th.  We see that he is progressing but our main issue is trying to get him to come to church!!! That seems to be everyone's issue!!!

We met this new guy name Frank.  Supposedly he has met with missionaries in the past and he is interested in meeting more with us.  He says he not interested but we can come by.  We are trying to get his girlfriend interested to get him interested.

We have a lot of potentials we are going to contact this week to see if they can make a change in their life.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was a good Sunday.  We had a very amazing sacrament meeting.  We had a family who sang A Child's Prayer that just changed the meeting.  They didn't sing it terribly well but that didn't matter.  What mattered is that the Spirit was so there and it left a lot of people saying that that was the best sacrament meeting in a long while.  One speaker shared a story about how other people's prayers helped her get through her hard times of depression.  She said that other people's prayers can have an impact on faith and continued to talk about that.  It is amazing how just one little prayer for someone else can make a huge difference in their life.  I thought about that and how I need to pray more specifically about people.  I will say the general stuff but fail to say the deep stuff.  So that is my goal for the week for me and maybe for you too.  Let's see what we can change by praying more selflessly and more specifically.

Trying to continue keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

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