Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So it's easter season and the church has finally released their easter initiative video.  It is totally on fleek.  The new word I have been using.  So there happens to be two video that are just so great and invite the spirit.  I invite all to watch it on FollowHim.mormon.org and then share it some way.  My vision is to make this video trending in Toledo (hah).

So this week has been one of those slow but also quite crazy weeks.  The weather has been great. We improved on our lessons with a member present number.  That I think was the best part.  We were able to use members to help people teach.  I know I think (not good grammar but oh well) I have talked about it before but members are so key.  We had a lesson with Brad and we took a member over and it was just so powerful.  It was really great to see a difference in the lesson.

We also last Monday taught Jonathan and his wife.  Jonathan is a member but his wife is not.  They are a part member family we just came in contact with.  She is a walking miracle.  She has been through so much and yet still is going on.  She has so many incredible things happen to her which I cannot even explain.  It just is so cool trying to teach her.

On Tuesday we were able to have another Lesson with a member present.  This was the Genoa Johnson family.  Members are so cool.  They are really good at helping you state your purpose.  The cool thing about this fellowship is that they both went to the same church.  This was just another testifier of the truthfulness of PMG.  It talks about how you more directly want people from the same church to help you teach.  It just improved the lesson.  We are going backthis Thursday to continue teacher her and her family.

Wednesday, I got my first load of marriage advice.  I was told to go against waht is taught and not get married until I have college done.  I laughed inside and thought how that cannot happen.  That is way too long.

Thursday was the one with Brad I talked about earlier.  Also we were able to go back to Little Sisters of the Poor.  It was really great to serve there again.  I just love old people.  They almost become like children again.

Friday, we helped someone move to Missouri.  That was fun.

Saturday was more fun. We went tracting around an area which hasn't been tracted for a while.  We picked up a few more potenital investigators.  One, whose name is Travis, is from Texas and so cool.  He has this y'all accent and we look forward to teaching him more.  I was so happy and I am so now.  Just so great!!!!

So yesterday at church we had a youth talk about repentance.  She said that repentance is like weeds.  I thought about that and I actually really liked it.  No one (correction, not many people) likes to pick weeds out of the ground to clean up the yard.  It is hard and especially under the sun.  But if you do it day by day pulling small little roots than they don't become big ones that are hard and take a lot more effort. That is why we are asked to repent each and every day because we don't let the weeds become to big and we just feel better when we are done.  So it is spring time and a good time to do both kinds of weeding.  Have fun...

Still keeping my eye single to the glory of God,

Elder Vance

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