Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Good Friday!!!

As we all know this last week was Good Friday.  Such a great time of the year.

Anyways so this last week I got myself into Diet Coke.  I don't drink much of it but I do like it.  I also think that it tastes better with a lemon in it too.  Don't know yet.  I am trying to decide what I like.

Well this week has been an average week.  Nothing too crazy has happened.  We picked up a few new people to teach which is exciting. (Just realized I don't fully know how to report on a normal week).

One of the people we have picked up is a family named the Pegorch family.  They are so cool.   They requested a Bible and a Book of Mormon.  We delivered it to their house and was able to testify about how they work together to bring truth.  We set up a return appointment with them and will continue to teach them.  

We also officially picked up Bianca as a new investigator.  I have talked about her in previous letters but now I can say that we actually are teaching her.

Last we met a guy named Jose.  Don't know if I talked about him last week but who knows.  So we contacted him about 3 weeks ago and try to set something up.  It didn't work out and he said he wasn't interested.  A week later we get a text early in the morning from him and how he wants to meet.  It was so cool!!! Anyways we met with him and supposedly he is going though some troubles with his faith.  We worked with him and are going to continue to work with him.

Oh and another story is that one of our investigators is actually a member.  We talked to this guy named Frank next to our apartment and he was open to us teaching him.  We were like yeah!!! and continue to teach him. Yesterday we get a new ward roster and going through it I found his name.  I was surprised and also laughed a little.  We invited him to be baptised when we taught him when really he already was.  He never told us he was a member and I don't think he remembers that he is a member.  Just a little funny.

So with it being Spring we can do some spring cleaning of ourselves.  A good scripture is Mosiah 27:25-26. It just talks about how we can change/be born again.  It is of course through Jesus 
Christ who helps us get there.  We can change our ways through following him.  There are countless ways to change to better ourselves.  Whether it is smiling at someone on the street more often or it is going about serving people.  There are many ways and this is such a good time to do it. So Just Do It.


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