Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Stay sexy and smart"

Well I was told this week to stay sexy and smart.  This was just one of the greatest quotes I have heard in a long time.  Some crazy member who can't hear anything we say told us it.  It just has been with me all week.

To go with that, I got a haircut this week.  We got it for free by a member whose name is Britney.  She works at a saloon and so I was just really excited.  Another Britney to cut my hair.

To continue on the same thematic topic. I found the greatest smelling perfume this week.  Wild Madagascar Vanilla.  It is to die for. 

Well so this week has been a lot better.  We were able to volunteer at the Little Sisters of the Poor place.  We worked with nuns to help feed people and do crafts with them.  It was so cool and such a great experience.

We were able to hunt down a less active member who we lost total contact with.  We went to a baptism in Fremont and she was there.  It was a great baptism and such a great experience.

We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.  That was just good.

So we finally had something crazy happen this week.  It has been a long while since something like that has occurred.  One night we stopped by a house of a less active.  His son was there and some stranger was also there.  It was absolutely scary.  The son and the stranger said that there were demons in the house and that they were possessing them.  The stranger confesses that the demons made him eat dog poop and stick his head down the toilet.  The son said that demons controlled him so that he hit a 50yr old on a bike.  It was so sad but also quite funny.  Luckily we were able to get out of there pretty quick.

So this week we were able to still contact all the people we do.  We were able to teach the Phillips family.  We taught the Johnson family.  We picked up another Johnson family.  This one came from tracting.  We tracted into them and they were not interested.  We gave them a Bible tract and they actually ended up calling the number and requesting a free Bible.  We were able to go back and actually start teaching them.  We are seeing them tonight.  We taught Sister Lipstraw.  She is an investigator and she totally Ohio.  We talk and in the middle she diverts the conversation.  So many things like that happen out here.  We are also teaching many other people.

So the scripture I have used a many of times this week is Alma 13:28.  I have pretty much memorized this scripture.  It was a good one for patience.  As we pray and seek out the Holy Ghost we can find patience.  I keep looking at my prayers and I keep seeing that they suck.  It is like a roller coaster.  I have really good ones at the peak but then it goes down.  It just is something I really need to work on.  

Well I am doing great.  I haven't beens sick unless you count the way I felt yesterday after eating at a Chinese buffet.  Just can't do it.  Anyways have a great week.

Signing off,

Elder Vance

The lake again. Absolutely love it!



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