Monday, April 4, 2016


Just for all those out there in the world it's Alzheimer's not Alltimers. Heard it this week and weeks past and it just makes me cringe.  Anyways I had a good week.

I was going to start of with no me gust gatos volume 3 but I decided not.  We ended up going back this time and I just about threw up.  There was a dog that was eating crusty cat poop in front of us.  I realise how so very blessed I am to live a clean life in a clean apartment that could be a lot worst.  I am so very grateful for not being able to have pets on a mission. 

We ate at this place called YumYummy.  Just the name of it turns me off.  I was so scared to go it it because the sign has a picture of yogurt and Chinese food.  It was quite scary but turned out to be so fun.  The food was delicious but the lady that owns the place was so crazy.  We get there and we, because we are poor, wanted 4 plates of food for 6 people to split.  Sure not the smartest idea on our part but she was starting to get riled up.  She kept wanting us to get appetizers and was like you have to. This of course in a Chinese accent.  I just felt so embarrassed. Well time goes on and she is fine with it.  Later she warms up to us and starts talking to us about how she is going to vote for Clinton.  We are all trying our hardest not to laugh.  About 5-10 mins later there comes a huge storm with snow and super strong winds.  We try to go outside because we were done but she would not let us.  We were held hostage in a Chinese restaurant.  It was so crazy.  Later she ends up giving us a free plate of food that none of us wanted.  We were so grateful for her and wanted a picture with her but she refused saying that she was to ugly to take picture. Oh boy was that an experience I can never forget.

So this week has been a slower week for us.  People have been on spring break which I think shouldn't have affected us but did.  Who knows? It just wasn't as great as it could have been.  

Conference was great and we were able to get Vince to come. It was so great for him. At first we called him in the morning and told him about it and he said that he most likely won't. That ended the conversation until about 10 mins later when I just felt like I needed to really get him to come. We called him again and then testified over the phone about how conference really helps so much. He ended up coming to the one at 4 and afterwards he wanted a CD of all the conferences. I was just so excited and I love the Spirit. It helps with missionary work so much!!!

No one else came to conference.  It made me so sad.  They can't take 2 hours out of their 168 hours for the week to come to conference.  Just a little upsetting.

So it's been raining a lot here.  We have puddles full of it and also I have been playing in it as well.

So I cannot say that I have a favourite talk from conference.  I just absolutely love them all.  I think my favourite humour one was Elder Mazzagardi just because he said that he was living on the East coast legally. We were laughing because at that moment he should have looked at the prophet and winked at him implying that he was lying.  Anyways, they were all so good. There is just so much we can take in, it reminds me of 2 Kings 5. This happens to be the story of Naaman and how he wouldn't listen to the prophet on some simple thing but end up doing it and is blessed.  We related that to Conference and how we need to take the little things from Conference that we have learned no matter how small and apply them to our lives.  Sure in a heartbeat we would all move to Missouri but are we willing to give up 2-3 hrs of our week to serve others in our neighborhood or do something for a refuge?  If we are so willing to do the big stuff if we are asked why don't we do the little stuff we are asked? There is just so much little stuff to improve and I know that as we do the little stuff our Spirit will start being free from the leprosy that it has be being built up. I continue to keep my eye single to the glory of God.


Elder Vance


General Conference with the Sister Missionaries

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