Monday, April 11, 2016


I am feeling existential and exhausted today so don't expect that long of a letter.

Well we didn't go golfing this last week.  Supposedly it was too cold and wet so instead we played volleyball inside.  It was fun and then we had frozen yogurt afterwards.  I realized how much I prefer frozen yogurt over ice-cream.

Also this week we had a member have a breakdown and almost take her name off the list.  That was scary.  She canceled our meal appointment and everything so we called her and she said that she was taking her name off the list.  It was quite sad but she ended up not.

I heard a story that so tops that of the Glass Castle.  An investigators of our's father is pretty messed up.

Brad came to church.

We learned about which is so cool.  Just use it people.

Alma 13:28 was my scripture of the week again.  Just keep praying and going forward and I know it will all improve. Trying to keep my eye single to the glory of God.


Elder Vance

What it looked like this week!

Best Buckeye's recept

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