Friday, April 29, 2016

East Cleve!!!!

I am not dead yet!!!! I survived my first five days here on the East side.  I have had Chipotle twice.  One of them was free.  I have biked so much that I don't ever want to bike again but luckily I have to.  I am in a biking busing area and it is killing me!!!!  We have so much to do that I have to bite my tongue because it takes forever to get there.  It just is a little infuriating.

Otherwise my area is a mix between college and full out ghetto.  I love the college campuses, we have Case Western, Cleveland State, and Cleveland University Hospital.  It just is great to be around those areas but sadly that is where work really isn't.  We instead go to the full blown out ghetto areas.  I am learning to get used to it.  I am scared of course because for the first time I am a minority.  I have this mental issue with it that I just sooooo need to get over.  I am terrified of a whole bunch of black people.  Not good.  One way I have found to get over it is just to talk to people.  That is the best way to get to know them.  

So my new companion is Elder Welsh.  He is so hip!!! He was born in Ethiopia and was adopted and came to California at the age of 15.  He is so fun and we end up laughing a lot.  We are also in an apartment with two other elders and we party all the time with them.  Elder Welsh has been out for about 6 months.

Oh so my first day here I was cursed out on the bus because I was a mormon missionary.  Also during the week we were told that the prophets were wrong by a less active.  He was held up on stinkin polygamy.  It has been coming up a lot where I am.  It was really quite sad.  

So right now we are teaching a someone named Linda.  She was taught by the other missionaries and we are working with her to get her to change her life.  She wants to be baptised but has a long way to go.  We taught the Word of Wisdom to her and it was difficult.  She didn't see any problem with coffee.  She is trying to cut down smoking.  It is really good for her and it will be so great to bring her closer.

So most of this last week we have been trying to contact 38 referrals.  That is way too many but we are contacting them by bike.   That is much of what our week has been.  I love this area and look forward to continue working here.

So yesterday I taught a lesson in church.  That was a really good experience.  I didn't do absolutely horrible this time.  Sometimes when I teach I think that all I am doing is lecturing but this time I actually did better.  It is amazing what preparation and praying really does help.  I related this back to when I was in school are really didn't want to do anything the night before but that I can do it in the morning.  It most of the time ended up bad.  When one prepares and continues to prepare and then prays for help and guidance then you can do many miracles.  If you ask Heavenly Father, who so badly wants to help, for help he will so greatly help you along your ways.  He will help you in any situation and I really saw that this week.

Well I am really working on keeping my eye single to the glory of God even more now then before.  It really does help when you have a perspective that God has.


Elder Vance

With the Queen

Us posing at the Museum

The sister at LARP. The one and only time I will do that. 

The new apartment with Elder Welsh

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