Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Birthday?

So I had written down Happy Birthday.  I don't really know what reference it has but happy birthday to all of you who had or are having birthdays.

So for all y'all I am being transferred to the Kirtland Stake.  I am going to Cleveland 3rd also known as East Cleveland.  It happens to be in the Kirtland Stake which makes me laugh in a way.  Well now I will have a lot of more stories to tell.  It will be exciting.

So Vince we have set for a baptismal date of May 14th.  He is progressing but also doing it very slowly.  He has come to church now 3 times and we are trying to make it constant.  It is taking a lot of faith but I do believe he can make it.  We need to do our part to help him.

Oh so now we are famous about our buckeyes.  We made some last Monday and brought them to a scout auction.  We are now famous.  It was really good to help a cause.

So there is not much we have to talk about this week.  I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders which was exciting.  I learned a lot from that.  We have biked a lot and so my tan is starting to fill in.  I am finally done wearing thermals until late September.  I still love chocolate cake.  Some member gave us another one and of course I ate it.  The grass is really green.

The new correction we are getting from our leaders is to go at their pace.  We should take them to the next step.  We should not tell them to come to church when they are not even close to it.  When they still have a whole bunch of barriers for them to get over.  That is what was so great about he Book of Mormon heroes/missionaries.  They always knew where the next point was and helped the people get to it.  Look at Aaron who taught the basic principle of God when really he could have talked about anything else.  We need to take where people are at and go to the next step.  We also need to look at ourselves and go to the next step.  One cannot become buff without making little changes in our life.  It is a process.  That is what we have been really focusing on.  Where is there next step?

Well I am doing well.  Still on a mission.  Still teaching people and I look forward to the fun adventure in East Cleveland. Also still keeping my eye single to the glory of God.


Elder Vance

An abandoned house with a turkey vultures sitting on top. I can totally see this in a horror movie.

These signs are everywhere 

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