Monday, May 23, 2016


That says the Book of Mormon in Traditional Chinese.  That is what is going on with us this week.  We have been with a lot of Chinese people teaching them about he gospel.  This week we actually taught a lady who only speaks Chinese.  Of course we had a translator but it was just so cool.  

This Chinese lady is CaiXin.  Don't know if that is her real name but that is the name we got on the referral.  Her daughter is a member in Hawaii and so she visited and attended the temple.  By the time we got to her she was told a lot of lies about us.  Luckily she still met with us and we were able to clear a lot of things out.  It was truly a miracle.

So we only have 6 referrals left!!!!! So weird but really exciting. That is all I have been doing this transfer so now that they are done things will be so much better.

So crazy things we have seen this week:
One night we totally saw a police chase go down.  A motorcycle who was doing wheelies was being chased by a cop.  It was so cool to see.  How often do you see that happen?
Another thing is that we have been receiving are revelations given to Warren Jeffs from prison.  They are so hilarious. The bishop receives them at the church and so we take them a make fun of them.

Well the one thing we were told this week is that we do not know how to plan as missionaries.  So this weeks big focus is on planning and how we need to plan for commitments and plan the lesson around them.  We have not been doing that recently.  So just yesterday we have already seen a major difference in our work.  If we really plan for them we see them actually change.  It is amazing how the Lord's way work.  We have been doing our way all this time. Not his way. So do the Lord's way. It Works Wonderfully.

Keepin mi I singel ter da glory of God.

Elder Vance

Monday, May 16, 2016

Awkward things

So this week I am going to share with y'all all the awkward things that have occurred in the life of Elder Vance this last week.

1 We were biking with helmets on and I was pooped on by a bird.  Through the little holes on the helmet.
2 One day I had 3 buttons unbuttoned on my shirt the whole day.
3 My zipper was down because I constantly forgot to zip it up.
Theses are just the awkward moments in the life of Elder Vance.

So other cool things that happened this week.  I spoke in church and didn't completely fail!!! I was prepared but with my active mind I always feel like I just jump from topic to topic.  Oh well.  I will have to speak again here soon in the other ward though.

Geese here love to j-walk.  They always seem to hold up traffic but the really don't care.  Quite funny.

Also this week we met a completely wasted girl on the bus.  She was talking about who knows what but we do know that she continued to drink while on the bus.

We got flds mail about the prophesies of Jeff Waren in prison.  That was fun.

The last cool thing is that we had district meeting in the school of the prophets.  If you don't know what that is, look it up on

So not much happened this week.  We finished all of our referrals that we were behind on!!!! That was a real blessing of itself but more will go on next week

A lot of what the talks in the Cleveland 3rd ward are about how we can be happy.  One person mentioned one time that the church is really good at telling about the happiness that comes from living the gospel but they never talk about what to do to get that way.  For example, how can we grow in faith or charity, and how can we better develop our talents.  It all adds to the theme.  So look for ways to work on building joy.


Elder Vance

This is Zach hard at work. If you look closely you will notice he even put his name tag on the sack. 

Monday, May 9, 2016


So yesterday I heard the way to get in the gate towards Eternal life.  We were talking about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost and the teacher asked which one gets us into the gate.  Well someone answered Bruce R. McConkie.  Both Elder Welsh and I started laughing. It just was such a not correct comment in any way shape or form that it was just funny.

Another quote we saw this week was relating God to divorce.  It said "Let God have full custody, not weekend visits." It was quite sad to read but also somewhat funny.  It is amazing what the world is coming to.

I am proud this week to be somewhat of a rap fan.  While we were biking (#everyday), I heard the song Say Aah and I was like hey I know that song and tried my best to sing along.  It just gave me pride. Also another song I heard that I fell in love with is the song lyrics that go like this "I've been trying to find my way so long, I'm trying to find my way back home." Don't really know the name but I love it.  Also to continue on the music run.  I called someone Donna Summers (if you don't know who she is, look it up) on the phone.  I asked hey is this Donna Summers.  Well her real last name was not summers it just came out.  I thought that kinda funny.

So there have been a lot of funny things happening this week.  One, I am feeling better. Another one is the fact that we to try and break in at our apartment.  We locked the keys inside and we live on the upstairs apartment.  So we couldn't reach one of the windows but instead we tried breaking into the downstairs apartment.  Sadly their doors were locked too.  It sounds so much worst writing it but it really isn't.  We were trying to get in.

Oh I found a trick to getting people to sit up front in church.  Someone had a dream about this this last Sunday and shared it.  If you get Hershey Kisses and put them on the front rows it will get people to sit up in them.

We had an investigator cancel on us this week because their wheelchair was broken. It was quite sad. 

So the miracle of the week is happening with the Dinkin family we are working with.  They haven't been met for a long time but we finally got back with them.  The first time we visited we joked around but left a really good commitment to get them reading the Book of Mormon.  So the miracle happened when we went back.  Turns out they are reading.  They read 2 chapters 3 nights out of the week.  I was shocked.  It totally surprised me and the thing that surprised me most was the son who said that they need to be reading scriptures everyday.  He is like 23 and I totally did not expect him to say something like that. It just was so cool and such a great testimony builder that reading the scripture can bring a change that people like.  

So the racoon trap that we made.  There are racoons at the Mortley farm here in Kirtland and we are trying to catch them.  They are eating all the bird feed and the people were tired of them.  So now we are trying to catch them and go forward.

So with it being Mother's day someone gave a stellar talk at the pulpit.  He talked about why God created mothers.  The three things he said was for love, an example besides Christ, and more service.  He continued to give evidence for his thesis from examples from the motherly figures in his life.  I come to think of the motherly figures in the Bible who would sacrifice their own child and give it to someone else over cutting it in half.  There were just so many good stories about mothers in the Bible and we really see how importnant they are.

Anyways, I am putting one foot in front of the other and looking forward with an eye single to the glory of God.

Con Amor,

Elder Vance
Abandoned houses o one street

Parting with the kids at church. Jack and Addy

Roxy the Racoon

I don't know how to take a normal picture!

Our raccoon trap for the day

Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't Bro Me

So the quote of the week from the heart of East Cleveland is "Don't Bro Me Unless You Know Me".

So here are the fun facts for the week:
1 I have finally gotten the smell of Pot down.  Smell it all the time.
2 We found a bullet and a shell on the ground this week. Picked it up and now it's our souvenirs.
3 I finally found out that Prince died.  So sad.
4 In one day we heard two guns go off around our area.
5 On the bus people can really debate about how politics don't exist.  Any how there is a revolution going on.
6 This fast Sunday was the third I have missed due to illness.  Gotta love the flu.
7 The weather has been very gloomy the last week.
8 We went to the hospital 3 times.  That was fun.  Gave 3 blessings.
9 Missed our bus 2 times because we were late leaving the hospital.
10 The Heward family are once again in our ward.
11 We have a cool member.  He used to be a professional Chinese Opera singer.  He's Black.

We have picked up many investigators this week and have been contacting many referrals.  I can tell you more about them maybe next week if they go somewhere.  We are really trying to get them coming to church.  That is the hardest thing.

I am not feeling so well.  Allergies and the flu. #ElderVanceProbs.

A good scripture is Isaiah 53:3-5. A great one.


Elder Vance