Monday, May 23, 2016


That says the Book of Mormon in Traditional Chinese.  That is what is going on with us this week.  We have been with a lot of Chinese people teaching them about he gospel.  This week we actually taught a lady who only speaks Chinese.  Of course we had a translator but it was just so cool.  

This Chinese lady is CaiXin.  Don't know if that is her real name but that is the name we got on the referral.  Her daughter is a member in Hawaii and so she visited and attended the temple.  By the time we got to her she was told a lot of lies about us.  Luckily she still met with us and we were able to clear a lot of things out.  It was truly a miracle.

So we only have 6 referrals left!!!!! So weird but really exciting. That is all I have been doing this transfer so now that they are done things will be so much better.

So crazy things we have seen this week:
One night we totally saw a police chase go down.  A motorcycle who was doing wheelies was being chased by a cop.  It was so cool to see.  How often do you see that happen?
Another thing is that we have been receiving are revelations given to Warren Jeffs from prison.  They are so hilarious. The bishop receives them at the church and so we take them a make fun of them.

Well the one thing we were told this week is that we do not know how to plan as missionaries.  So this weeks big focus is on planning and how we need to plan for commitments and plan the lesson around them.  We have not been doing that recently.  So just yesterday we have already seen a major difference in our work.  If we really plan for them we see them actually change.  It is amazing how the Lord's way work.  We have been doing our way all this time. Not his way. So do the Lord's way. It Works Wonderfully.

Keepin mi I singel ter da glory of God.

Elder Vance

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