Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't Bro Me

So the quote of the week from the heart of East Cleveland is "Don't Bro Me Unless You Know Me".

So here are the fun facts for the week:
1 I have finally gotten the smell of Pot down.  Smell it all the time.
2 We found a bullet and a shell on the ground this week. Picked it up and now it's our souvenirs.
3 I finally found out that Prince died.  So sad.
4 In one day we heard two guns go off around our area.
5 On the bus people can really debate about how politics don't exist.  Any how there is a revolution going on.
6 This fast Sunday was the third I have missed due to illness.  Gotta love the flu.
7 The weather has been very gloomy the last week.
8 We went to the hospital 3 times.  That was fun.  Gave 3 blessings.
9 Missed our bus 2 times because we were late leaving the hospital.
10 The Heward family are once again in our ward.
11 We have a cool member.  He used to be a professional Chinese Opera singer.  He's Black.

We have picked up many investigators this week and have been contacting many referrals.  I can tell you more about them maybe next week if they go somewhere.  We are really trying to get them coming to church.  That is the hardest thing.

I am not feeling so well.  Allergies and the flu. #ElderVanceProbs.

A good scripture is Isaiah 53:3-5. A great one.


Elder Vance

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