Monday, June 27, 2016

Scream and Shout and let it all out!

Those have been my last two days.  I just wanted to scream and shout and just let it all out.  All the anger that I have build up.  I am doing a lot better now.  So much frustration. It comes from the argument we have been having with Alisa in ward council.  They are not going to give her a ride because it will cause entitlement which happens a lot.  She has 5 kids and no car and so just getting them there is a struggle.  I just am mad about the whole thing. Just so difficult.

So this week this email is going to be everywhere.

We will first start with Alisa who I just have grown so much charity for them.  This is what happens.  You just love the people you teach so much and they feel the Spirit and they progress. She had that type of visit last Tuesday.  We taught her about PRO (thanks President Taylor) and she totally felt the Spirit and was so excited to go forward.  It was soooo cool. Just super exciting.

So I still don't like pineapple.  Tried it again at a members house and just couldn't do it.

A Sister missionary went home for medical reasons. Sister Wilson (her name) has an illness that no one can pick up.  Not even Cleveland Clinic.

We met this lady who reminds me of a Sister Portz from Ashtabula.  Her name is Atlonia and she is very all over the place.

Met Jameelah who actually flamed us.  We taught her behind the art museum and she was interested.  Turns out she is not and wouldn't answer our phone calls.\

So then another point happened when we went to this Less Active who I have never seen but met with missionaries.  He rebuked my companion for not ever visiting him.  It was funny because he was just so crazy.

So I heard about the NBA finals again for like 4678349 more times.  People were yelling it on the bus and then the parade happen with 1.3 million people.  Sadly I could not go because it was what President Brown didn't want us to do.  So we obeyed and instead went to see the lake.  It was pretty.  I don't take my camera around anymore because of the high chance of getting mugged.

Oh with that fun fact.  The ward I am serving in is the 2nd most dangerous ward in the United States.  They get the statistics from the amount of crime in the area.  Wooo!!! More fun added to my week.

So this week we had zone conference and we got new music rules.  We can now listen to anything brought to you by MOTAB.  So exciting!!!

Well in sacrament meeting in the Cleveland 3rd ward we had a hymn testimony.  They just went around and sang people's hymns that they liked and they shared their testimony on it.  It was super touching and I loved it.  It is amazing how much the Spirit can be transferred through good music. Anyways. We are doing well. I am doing well and keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


That was the motto for this season.  I happened to have learned who won when it happened.  Just the small suburban town of University Heights blew up.  I wasn't even in Cleveland.  It will be exciting times until we have the Republican convention here in July.  That will be the next fun event here.  People are preparing by buying riot insurance and people at the Cleveland clinic cannot take a day off of work at that time.  It is quite sad.  Luckily, we think that we will be able to have success.

So I met Sister Claine this week.  She is so cool.  I was trying to learn how to say her name correctly but I could not.  It's too French.

Oh happy Father's day.

There are these new cigarette things here in Ohio that I have never heard or seen before Cleveland.  They are Cigarillos and they are 2 for $0.99.  They are absolutely disgusting and all the waste ends up on the floor. I cannot believe they are any better than normal cigarettes.  They are probably worst.  

Another more disturbing thing happened on the bus with this it. It happens to be a male face with makeup, a women's chest, a guy's arms, women hips and clothing, and a guys legs. It was so disturbing.  The worst part was that it was trying to flirt with the bus driver. Just absolutely gross.

I love the YSA branch.  We only had 2 hour church yesterday because the branch president said so.  It was hilarious.  Also the opening talk started with bad jokes for about 5 minutes.  One of them was: Why did the banana go to the doctor? He wasn't peeling well.  It just was so bad but hilarious.

It's firefly season!!!!

This last Friday we were in a parade.  We went to the strawberry festival and part of a parade passing out a lot of pass along cards.  It was so much fun and a good break from crazy people.  It was located in Kirtland.  It is so cool to have Kirtland so nearby.  While we were there I met a guy named Mike who was against the government but interested in Christianity.  he sadly wasn't in our area.

Nothing much happened with the work except for the miracle we saw yesterday.  While we were planning Elder Welsh and I both had the same impression to stop by this less active we have been really trying to visit.  We acted on this prompting and we were actually able to see him.  It was so cool.  He is feeding us this Friday with his children who are not members.

So today I could share something on Father's day but instead that I would rather talk about the Caves.  They won!!!!!! Super excited but there was a time that I lost faith in them.  When it was 3-1 I had no hope. #worstclevelandfan Well it turns out that they did pull through.  Lebron James pulled through.  So comparing him to our Saviour.  When things in our life are looking grim and we are starting to lose hope and faith that the Saviour can help us out.  Just keep going forward.  Keeping putting forth faith.  Just like Lebron James, the Saviour can restore us and help us when against the enemy. 

We all in,

Elder Vance

Monday, June 13, 2016

525600 minutes

So at the beginning of my mission I actually started thinking about this song.  I was like, I have to put it at my year mark. And so I am here and I did.  I am now an old fart.  It is so weird.  I started thinking about what I would do and it was so foreign that I decided not to think about it.  It is so much better.

Once again my rap music knowledge has come back to help me again.  Yesterday I listed to the lyrics One day your here, one day your there, it's so unfair.  It got me for a good day.  All of a sudden this morning I realised what it was.  It was the song Holy Grail.  I just was so excited.

Also my skills from da hood are increasing too.  I learned how to do a wheely on my bike.  Some kids taught us and now we practice it a lot.  So much fun.

I will now give time to the section of the weird things that happened:

We had a member who's car was stolen and used for a break in.  Her car was used for the smashing into the store.  Another stolen car was used to take the ATM machine out.  It was just so funny to hear but I feel so bad for her.  She sort of just laughs about it.

In Cleveland people are just so open.  We had someone (she honestly looked like a teenager) breastfeed her baby in the open.  There was no coverings or anything.  Just super awkward.  Also I was teaching Gospel Principles and I asked the question What gifts does God give us? There were some good answers but there was one that just was inappropriate. (Sex). It just drove away the Spirit and was super sad.  He just ruined the class.

This week we got preached to again.  We were told that we die every night and we see our future.  He proceeded to sing to us too.  It was just funny.

I met someone who wore a Utes shirt and another who wore an ASU hate.  Sadly they were both not interested in learning more.

A cool thing that happened today was that we saw Brother Donaldson, if you don't know who that is go watch the District 2 on  He is the mission president. He was on a church tour with his grandson.  I also happened to see my relatives, The Andersons!!! We took a picture and I will send it soon.  Don't know if I can today.  We will see.

So Alisa has a baptisimal date!!!!! This is the single mother with 5 kids.  We are working with the ward council to try and get them to come to church.  They are so prepared and will make it.  It is set for July 9th.  She can so make it and we are going to help her get to there.  She was found by us talking around a referral we got.  Just another testimony that PMG was written beyond the veil.  

We are also working with a family named the Bolwaire family.  They have 4 youth that would so strengthen the ward.  The sad thing is we don't have any way to get them to church.  We are going to pray especially hard that she gets a car.

So yesterday at church the YSA branch was based on the Book of Mormon.  One person mention about how willing we would be to read the book of Lehi in 3 days yet we can't read the whole Book of Mormon in 1 year.  I put it in Elder Vance terms. "We should want to read the Book of Mormon like we want to eat a chocolate chip cookie". If we read the Book of Mormon like that we will grow so much.  We will be able to get on our spiritual bike (one tire is the Book of Mormon and the other one is Prayer) and go forward and away from Satan. So instead of wishing just do it. 

Doing a lot of eye keeping to the singleness of the glory of God. (Messed up language from #EastCleveland) 


Elder Vance
Zach with Carl and Joyce Anderson

Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Jesus really black?!?!

That is the question of the week.  I can tell you that I have heard it almost everyday.  Everyone here really has a passionate opinion about whether or not he was or wasn't black.  It is really making me irritated.  Why does it matter!?!?!  He still died for us no matter what color. Green, Black, or Magenta.  Anyways that is just a few of the things I got this week.  Here lies the others:

It started out with someone who said that his name is Carl Bell and that in 2500 yrs we will remember him.  He proceeded to give a a cartoon religious booklet that has so many invalid facts in it but would save us.  It was so cheezy and hilarious.  It said that Ethiopia, which happens to be  my companion's home country, was going to be destroyed.  It just made both of us laugh.

Another thing took place on the bus with this lady who asked us some questions. She was interested in scriptures but continued to tell us that she just doesn't understand.  Where is Noah? That was her question.  He survived the flood so where is he.  Also where is the Ark? All we told her is that we don't know.  She was just confused and made us laugh. So sad.

Then we were contacting people and the first person of the day was Atheist. He proceeded to tell us that he did not believe in God.  We asked him if he has ever read the Bible.  He told us no.  Well there lies the problem.  Then he started going into a discussion about how God does not make sense Psychologically.  If he exists then he is not perfect.  We had no idea what on earth he was talking about.

This was just the start of the day.  We later had a discussion from a guy who happened to have debated about Jesus being black.  He even told me that I was black.  He wasn't high or anything but proceeded to tell me that I come from black heritage.  In the womb I was black but when I was born I am white.  It was so odd but now I just don't know anymore.  I've lost my identity.

Okay so that was #2 of the same day and here is #3.  We were stopped by a guy who studied science and religion.  He said a lot of mumbo jumbo but his main message that I took from it was that everything say YAH. He told us that before Jesus was Yashua which I already knew thanks to Jesus the Christ. Well he says that everything breathes it.  When dogs breath they go yah yah yah yah, when the waves go it they go hoooo, yaaaah. I just busted up laughing.  It was the most hilarious thing in the world. He also told us that Eve is Adam's daughter and sister and wife.

The last one for the day was when we were meeting with an investigator. Showanda cannot get past prophets.  She continued to debate with us about how prophets should be here because we should  receive revelation through the Holy Spirit and not prophets.  We try and explain it to her but she is just not quite understanding.  We are going to try and get her to church and hopefully that will help her with everything.

So those are the crazies of the week.  Also we had someone sing in testimony meeting.  It was really cool.

So the people we were working with the two that we have a focus on were Showanda and also Alisa.  Alisa sadly had a family issue and we were unable to meet with her.  Showanda like stated earlier isn't going too far but I think we can get the ward excited in them.  It would be 4 youth added to the ward.  So exciting.

Anyways so I am just so very grateful for what my Saviour has done for me.  It really doesn't matter what he looks like but I do know that He suffered all pains and infirmities.  He atoned for all of us but only his people, only the people who accept him will be be able to apply the atonement in the last days.

Keeping my eye single to the glory of God.
It's hard but because of repentance and the Atonement I can keep improving. 

Elder Vance

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I don't remember what I sent last week so hah.  It might scare all of you to see that the title of my email is Concubines but do not fear, it was just a mistake I made this week.  I was talking to members this week and instead of saying family or children I said Concubines.  So that was awkward.

So I heard a joke that has the punch line only hugh can prevent florist friars.  It has to be on the web so check it out.  It made me laugh a little being my nerdy self.

So this week we worked.  It wasn't that great of a week but we know next week will get better.

Well I am doing great, I will send a better email next week.  It is one of those days where I just don't want to write or do anything.  Napping sounds good!!!  Have a great week all y'all.

Elder Vance
My district