Monday, June 13, 2016

525600 minutes

So at the beginning of my mission I actually started thinking about this song.  I was like, I have to put it at my year mark. And so I am here and I did.  I am now an old fart.  It is so weird.  I started thinking about what I would do and it was so foreign that I decided not to think about it.  It is so much better.

Once again my rap music knowledge has come back to help me again.  Yesterday I listed to the lyrics One day your here, one day your there, it's so unfair.  It got me for a good day.  All of a sudden this morning I realised what it was.  It was the song Holy Grail.  I just was so excited.

Also my skills from da hood are increasing too.  I learned how to do a wheely on my bike.  Some kids taught us and now we practice it a lot.  So much fun.

I will now give time to the section of the weird things that happened:

We had a member who's car was stolen and used for a break in.  Her car was used for the smashing into the store.  Another stolen car was used to take the ATM machine out.  It was just so funny to hear but I feel so bad for her.  She sort of just laughs about it.

In Cleveland people are just so open.  We had someone (she honestly looked like a teenager) breastfeed her baby in the open.  There was no coverings or anything.  Just super awkward.  Also I was teaching Gospel Principles and I asked the question What gifts does God give us? There were some good answers but there was one that just was inappropriate. (Sex). It just drove away the Spirit and was super sad.  He just ruined the class.

This week we got preached to again.  We were told that we die every night and we see our future.  He proceeded to sing to us too.  It was just funny.

I met someone who wore a Utes shirt and another who wore an ASU hate.  Sadly they were both not interested in learning more.

A cool thing that happened today was that we saw Brother Donaldson, if you don't know who that is go watch the District 2 on  He is the mission president. He was on a church tour with his grandson.  I also happened to see my relatives, The Andersons!!! We took a picture and I will send it soon.  Don't know if I can today.  We will see.

So Alisa has a baptisimal date!!!!! This is the single mother with 5 kids.  We are working with the ward council to try and get them to come to church.  They are so prepared and will make it.  It is set for July 9th.  She can so make it and we are going to help her get to there.  She was found by us talking around a referral we got.  Just another testimony that PMG was written beyond the veil.  

We are also working with a family named the Bolwaire family.  They have 4 youth that would so strengthen the ward.  The sad thing is we don't have any way to get them to church.  We are going to pray especially hard that she gets a car.

So yesterday at church the YSA branch was based on the Book of Mormon.  One person mention about how willing we would be to read the book of Lehi in 3 days yet we can't read the whole Book of Mormon in 1 year.  I put it in Elder Vance terms. "We should want to read the Book of Mormon like we want to eat a chocolate chip cookie". If we read the Book of Mormon like that we will grow so much.  We will be able to get on our spiritual bike (one tire is the Book of Mormon and the other one is Prayer) and go forward and away from Satan. So instead of wishing just do it. 

Doing a lot of eye keeping to the singleness of the glory of God. (Messed up language from #EastCleveland) 


Elder Vance
Zach with Carl and Joyce Anderson

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