Tuesday, June 21, 2016


That was the motto for this season.  I happened to have learned who won when it happened.  Just the small suburban town of University Heights blew up.  I wasn't even in Cleveland.  It will be exciting times until we have the Republican convention here in July.  That will be the next fun event here.  People are preparing by buying riot insurance and people at the Cleveland clinic cannot take a day off of work at that time.  It is quite sad.  Luckily, we think that we will be able to have success.

So I met Sister Claine this week.  She is so cool.  I was trying to learn how to say her name correctly but I could not.  It's too French.

Oh happy Father's day.

There are these new cigarette things here in Ohio that I have never heard or seen before Cleveland.  They are Cigarillos and they are 2 for $0.99.  They are absolutely disgusting and all the waste ends up on the floor. I cannot believe they are any better than normal cigarettes.  They are probably worst.  

Another more disturbing thing happened on the bus with this it. It happens to be a male face with makeup, a women's chest, a guy's arms, women hips and clothing, and a guys legs. It was so disturbing.  The worst part was that it was trying to flirt with the bus driver. Just absolutely gross.

I love the YSA branch.  We only had 2 hour church yesterday because the branch president said so.  It was hilarious.  Also the opening talk started with bad jokes for about 5 minutes.  One of them was: Why did the banana go to the doctor? He wasn't peeling well.  It just was so bad but hilarious.

It's firefly season!!!!

This last Friday we were in a parade.  We went to the strawberry festival and part of a parade passing out a lot of pass along cards.  It was so much fun and a good break from crazy people.  It was located in Kirtland.  It is so cool to have Kirtland so nearby.  While we were there I met a guy named Mike who was against the government but interested in Christianity.  he sadly wasn't in our area.

Nothing much happened with the work except for the miracle we saw yesterday.  While we were planning Elder Welsh and I both had the same impression to stop by this less active we have been really trying to visit.  We acted on this prompting and we were actually able to see him.  It was so cool.  He is feeding us this Friday with his children who are not members.

So today I could share something on Father's day but instead that I would rather talk about the Caves.  They won!!!!!! Super excited but there was a time that I lost faith in them.  When it was 3-1 I had no hope. #worstclevelandfan Well it turns out that they did pull through.  Lebron James pulled through.  So comparing him to our Saviour.  When things in our life are looking grim and we are starting to lose hope and faith that the Saviour can help us out.  Just keep going forward.  Keeping putting forth faith.  Just like Lebron James, the Saviour can restore us and help us when against the enemy. 

We all in,

Elder Vance

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