Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Jesus really black?!?!

That is the question of the week.  I can tell you that I have heard it almost everyday.  Everyone here really has a passionate opinion about whether or not he was or wasn't black.  It is really making me irritated.  Why does it matter!?!?!  He still died for us no matter what color. Green, Black, or Magenta.  Anyways that is just a few of the things I got this week.  Here lies the others:

It started out with someone who said that his name is Carl Bell and that in 2500 yrs we will remember him.  He proceeded to give a a cartoon religious booklet that has so many invalid facts in it but would save us.  It was so cheezy and hilarious.  It said that Ethiopia, which happens to be  my companion's home country, was going to be destroyed.  It just made both of us laugh.

Another thing took place on the bus with this lady who asked us some questions. She was interested in scriptures but continued to tell us that she just doesn't understand.  Where is Noah? That was her question.  He survived the flood so where is he.  Also where is the Ark? All we told her is that we don't know.  She was just confused and made us laugh. So sad.

Then we were contacting people and the first person of the day was Atheist. He proceeded to tell us that he did not believe in God.  We asked him if he has ever read the Bible.  He told us no.  Well there lies the problem.  Then he started going into a discussion about how God does not make sense Psychologically.  If he exists then he is not perfect.  We had no idea what on earth he was talking about.

This was just the start of the day.  We later had a discussion from a guy who happened to have debated about Jesus being black.  He even told me that I was black.  He wasn't high or anything but proceeded to tell me that I come from black heritage.  In the womb I was black but when I was born I am white.  It was so odd but now I just don't know anymore.  I've lost my identity.

Okay so that was #2 of the same day and here is #3.  We were stopped by a guy who studied science and religion.  He said a lot of mumbo jumbo but his main message that I took from it was that everything say YAH. He told us that before Jesus was Yashua which I already knew thanks to Jesus the Christ. Well he says that everything breathes it.  When dogs breath they go yah yah yah yah, when the waves go it they go hoooo, yaaaah. I just busted up laughing.  It was the most hilarious thing in the world. He also told us that Eve is Adam's daughter and sister and wife.

The last one for the day was when we were meeting with an investigator. Showanda cannot get past prophets.  She continued to debate with us about how prophets should be here because we should  receive revelation through the Holy Spirit and not prophets.  We try and explain it to her but she is just not quite understanding.  We are going to try and get her to church and hopefully that will help her with everything.

So those are the crazies of the week.  Also we had someone sing in testimony meeting.  It was really cool.

So the people we were working with the two that we have a focus on were Showanda and also Alisa.  Alisa sadly had a family issue and we were unable to meet with her.  Showanda like stated earlier isn't going too far but I think we can get the ward excited in them.  It would be 4 youth added to the ward.  So exciting.

Anyways so I am just so very grateful for what my Saviour has done for me.  It really doesn't matter what he looks like but I do know that He suffered all pains and infirmities.  He atoned for all of us but only his people, only the people who accept him will be be able to apply the atonement in the last days.

Keeping my eye single to the glory of God.
It's hard but because of repentance and the Atonement I can keep improving. 

Elder Vance

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