Monday, June 27, 2016

Scream and Shout and let it all out!

Those have been my last two days.  I just wanted to scream and shout and just let it all out.  All the anger that I have build up.  I am doing a lot better now.  So much frustration. It comes from the argument we have been having with Alisa in ward council.  They are not going to give her a ride because it will cause entitlement which happens a lot.  She has 5 kids and no car and so just getting them there is a struggle.  I just am mad about the whole thing. Just so difficult.

So this week this email is going to be everywhere.

We will first start with Alisa who I just have grown so much charity for them.  This is what happens.  You just love the people you teach so much and they feel the Spirit and they progress. She had that type of visit last Tuesday.  We taught her about PRO (thanks President Taylor) and she totally felt the Spirit and was so excited to go forward.  It was soooo cool. Just super exciting.

So I still don't like pineapple.  Tried it again at a members house and just couldn't do it.

A Sister missionary went home for medical reasons. Sister Wilson (her name) has an illness that no one can pick up.  Not even Cleveland Clinic.

We met this lady who reminds me of a Sister Portz from Ashtabula.  Her name is Atlonia and she is very all over the place.

Met Jameelah who actually flamed us.  We taught her behind the art museum and she was interested.  Turns out she is not and wouldn't answer our phone calls.\

So then another point happened when we went to this Less Active who I have never seen but met with missionaries.  He rebuked my companion for not ever visiting him.  It was funny because he was just so crazy.

So I heard about the NBA finals again for like 4678349 more times.  People were yelling it on the bus and then the parade happen with 1.3 million people.  Sadly I could not go because it was what President Brown didn't want us to do.  So we obeyed and instead went to see the lake.  It was pretty.  I don't take my camera around anymore because of the high chance of getting mugged.

Oh with that fun fact.  The ward I am serving in is the 2nd most dangerous ward in the United States.  They get the statistics from the amount of crime in the area.  Wooo!!! More fun added to my week.

So this week we had zone conference and we got new music rules.  We can now listen to anything brought to you by MOTAB.  So exciting!!!

Well in sacrament meeting in the Cleveland 3rd ward we had a hymn testimony.  They just went around and sang people's hymns that they liked and they shared their testimony on it.  It was super touching and I loved it.  It is amazing how much the Spirit can be transferred through good music. Anyways. We are doing well. I am doing well and keeping my eye single to the glory of God.

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