Monday, July 25, 2016

17 Miracles

Okay so my 17 miracles for the week:

1 We watched 17 miracles at church after sacrament meeting in the YSA branch!! It was so good. I was just in a cry fest during the whole thing.  I also learned that when I watch movies I like to know the end before it even gets to it.

2 So nothing huge or major happened at the RNC this week.  Sure there were some shooting but that is absolutely normal.

3 We found 2 new investigators.  There names were Karen and Heather.  We met them by biking.  They were outside doing yard work and we offered to help.  We got talking and we told Karen we could help her with her smoking habit.  She muttered something about it at the beginning and I heard it so I brought it up.  She really wants to change and it is so cool!!  The most solid investigator I have had in a long time.  She is so golden!!! Sadly she is the Sister's and we have to give it to them.

4 We found 2 more bullets this week.  We were only in our area Saturday and found the 2 then.

5 I didn't die doing service.  I worked my butt off pulling roots out of the grown.  The next day my hand hurt but it was worth it.  I also got another witness about how the construction or landscaping business is not for me. 

6 Elder Scoresby ate our Liu food.  So a member gave us food and we put it on the counter and just left it there with a note saying: "Elder Scoresby Thank you so much!!! [In reference to the Gupta food (not good) they gave us] As a token of my appreciation I decided to share some of my Liu food with you. Enjoy  wuv -Elder Vance" Well this is the same lady who made banana bread from banana peels so I didn't even touch it.  Elder Scoresby ate it and said it was so bad.  It was a miracle I didn't try it.

7-14 Each and every day I woke up.

15-16 Hair removal.

17 Hey so Trust in God.  Don't do crystal meth.  The 120's is not the way to go.

Nevertheless I went forth

Elder Vance

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