Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm Wide Awake

I stayed awake!!!! I finally did it.  I did not fall asleep during my 6 hours of church.  So the last 12 weeks I have either snoozed or did some head bobbing during church especially the YSA branch. I did not this past Sunday. So exciting. 

So this last week was uneventful sort of like the transfer.  It's been one of those learning transfers in which you grow so much because of all the many trials that go on.  We have are now focusing on a completely different part of our area.

So this last week we ate at a place called Fire. Super expensive but oh so delicious.  I had duck.  Delicious.  We said we are going to come back the 8 July 2031.

There is not much that went on and we need to get going. 

God love you all.  He cares so much about you and that is all.

Cleveland is really hard. We always have people telling us that they can't listen to our message because Jesus was black and had wool like hair. It is hard to get a commitment out of people. 

We can't work in our area this week because there is a convention going on. Picture below. 

Nevertheless I went forth,

Elder Vance

Welch, Ravsten, Davis. 
Elders in my apartment. 

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