Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican Convention 2016

So with the Republican Convention I will not be able to go to my area/ward.  We cover the whole Cleveland 3rd ward so there will be no work done in that ward.  So sad but it is for our safety.  Also with the RNC we had a Senator Mike Lee at church with us.  Him and all his delegates were here representing the state of Utah.  It was just cool to see him.  I didn't have my camera so I didn't take a selfie with him.

Continuing on the RNC there was a big poster in the sky saying Hillary for Prison 2016.  It just is getting more and more wild.  I heard they have barriers in Cleveland and a lot of cops.  We saw a lot of national guard out too.  

So last week we heard a song at H&M about Ain't your momma. It is probably popular but look it up.  Don't know who sings it but it was catchy enough to be singing it all week.

We met with Alisa again and it was a great experience.  The world is getting really hard for her.  She is about to become a grandmother while she is in her 30s.  She was very sad when we met with her but the cool thing is that by the time we left she was a lot more positive.  It is amazing what the Spirit does.  Also we went back the next day to give her the book of mormon stories book and her whole countenance just lightened up.

So a lot of next week will be finding.  That is all I will do.  I will just be finding with my companion of 3 transfers Elder Welsh.  It will be so good.  Like vacation but also a lot of learning.

I learned something new this week.  I learned that every time you fast in order to have a complete fast you need to pay the fast offering.  I did not know that.  It was a big debate that still could be going on if I wanted it too. I'm just accepting the fact that I have been doing a fast wrong most of my mission. Sure I pay the designated fast but other fast I do not.  If you listen you learn something everyday.

Nevertheless I went forth,

Elder Vance
This is the abandoned building with 500+ rooms of death.
4th of July

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