Monday, August 15, 2016


So went bowling this last week and I got a smashing score of 58.  Felt very proud. 5 gutterballs in a row.  Sadly it was worst than all the Sister missionaries scores.  Not planning on joining a bowl club.

We volunteered at Salvation army and met a girl named Tanisha there.  She was a little odd because she in the middle of our conversation asked if we were a virgin. After that she asked for our number and if we could drive.  It was a little odd and we really tried to get out of it.  

Just a little update on our area.  When we receive a referral you should tract around houses because people around might be interested.  So we got this referral and the issue was that all the houses were abandoned around or torn down.  It was such a weird sight to witness.

On Monday we ate at member's house and they brought Jews with them.  It was so cool to talk to them about poetry and how much high school english classes don't do it right.  It gave me some hope.  They sadly weren't interested in the gospel.  One said that they were going to read the Book of Mormon though.

One thing I learned was that we are not God but we are his dog, we are also his frogs.  Also we are FBI and CIA. Dependent On God, Frequently Relying On God, Faithful Believers in Jesus.  It just all works out.  If I can I'll send the voice recording.

With that we had someone rap to us about Jesus.  It was so cool to hear.  I need to start recording a lot of things.

This week we were able to get in contact with someone back from 2009.  They ordered a Bible back then and never recieved it so we delivered it and taught the Restoration.  Nellie was super excited and we are going to work with her to bring her to church.

We also met Lena on the streets in East Cleveland.  She is looking for comfort because her son was murdered 6 yrs ago on the street we were actually talking on.  While we were talking a guy comes up and just waits by us.  Don't think much about it but after we finish he ask Lena if she wants to get some.  She was offended and I was shocked.  Later we saw him go down the street and perform a drug deal.  It was...#EastCleveland

It rained a lot this last week.  We went to the lake and there was huge storm that blew me away.  I have been drenched like 5+ times this week.  It is a lot of fun but hard to do work in it.  

Random question of the week.  Difference between attain vs obtain.

So the Browns lost we heard.  The Indians are doing really well.  Anyways we talked to a guy who said that they are going to the super bowl this year.  He had a lot of faith.

One thing I learned is how as we do things it changes our mind.  As we talk to everyone, which is a struggle for me with East Cleveland people, it will become easier and change our behavior.  As we don't slack off and be tenacious we will change to be better. Well anyways, that is all.

Nevertheless I went forth,

Elder Vance

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