Monday, August 29, 2016


I got a new companion. His name is Elder Wall from Murray, Utah. He has been out almost as long as I have.

We contacted a Chinese guy whose name was Haibo and I totally thought it was Haribo the gummy bear company.  I asked him if his name was like the gummy bear company.  He thought I said beer but no I was like bear.  I started saying bear, oso, grrr. It just was a mess.  Don't speak Spanish to a Chinese.

We then talked to Walter who totally was bashing on me.  He told me that ASU was an elementary school.  He also talked about how I seem like a pessimistic guy and that I would be like a cruel boss. I wasn't doing anything but still that came out.  It made me laugh in the end.  

"Hotdogs cause cancer" said a paper on a lightpole. It does as much damage as smoking does.

Someone came up to us and told us that some girl in Italy knows what Jesus looks like.  She is like 6 yrs old and so we should believe her.

Jessi is progressing towards 10 September for her baptism. We got another member referral yesterday named Jenna and she wants to learn more.  She is another one in the YSA branch.  I absolutely love it.

There was something at church I really liked and I wanted to share it but really I don't remember what is was but it was good.  Anyways we talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and how we all should know it.  We all heard it in the premortal life and so the Holy Ghost will testify that you have heard it before.  It will sound familiar.  That was one of the cool things I really remember. 

O thou child of hell, why tempt ye me? (Alma 11:23) Going to start leaving with scriptures to close. 

Elder Vance
The Elders got free haircuts and decided to get their nose hairs waxed. The lady that sent me this picture said they were really funny. 

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