Monday, August 8, 2016


tried greek yogurt and it turned out to be :p.  I did not like it very much.  I was trying to go a tad healthier but it didn't sit well in my mouth.

So this week we taught a few people.  We taught someone named Anna.  She was an investigator of the past but we haven't been able to see her.  We stopped by and she came out and said "You caught me getting high".  She had a bud in her hand and it smelled.  Well we said 5 mins and proceeded to teach her.  Well it went off on a lot of random points.

Last night we talked to another high person who said that they didn't need God. 

So also this week I was called N***** 2x.  I just do not know why they need to.  I am not black but...

I learned that there are professional snapchatters.  A little odd.  We also got a new Branch president this last Sunday. More things to report on is the fact of my sinus infection I got this week.  I had such a serious headache on Saturday that not even drugs helped it.  It sucked!!!  Luckily I am feeling better and look forward to keep working.

We met this lady named Yolanda this week.  We are teaching her.  We met her at the bus stop back in June and put her in the area book and forgot about her.  Well we went through the Area Book and saw her name and called her.  Luckily we got in contact with her and we taught her the Restoration.  She is looking for a church and doesn't want to take someone's word for it.  She wants to figure it out for herself.  

So the really cool thing of the week was stopping by Brother Fleming again.  It has been awhile since we have seen him and so we just stopped by.  He gladly let us in and we talked.  He hasn't been doing well due to health and he didn't really feel good when we came.  As we talked with him he mentioned how he just felt so much better as we came.  It just was so cool to see how we can change people.

Well that is it for the week.  Just go forward all of you.

Nevertheless I went forth,

Elder Vance

God's house. Look at the signs

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