Monday, September 19, 2016


Well I was kidnapped this week..  We were walking one day and we knew that we missed the bus.  All of a sudden this Prius with California license plates comes up and a guy said to get in the car.  We got in the car. He was a Middle Eastern guy and he stole this car from California.  So that's how that went.  It turns out he was a member from New York named Alli.

Anyways! This week was a good week.  We took a lot of members out with us teaching which was awesome. We found a lot of people to teach which is real cool!

One of these people was named Stephanie.  She was a member referral from Ashtabula and we had an awesome lesson with her and her fiancee.  Sadly we called her on Saturday and learned that her fiancee stole the car and everything from her.  She proceeded to tell us that he was on parole which was a surprise to her and that he was a drug abuser.  Quite sad. Life in Cleveland.

The Browns almost won last night!!! They crapped it in the last quarter though so I heard.

We are getting Jessi to start family history and get her to Kirtland this next week.  More updates next week.

Well that is pretty much how our week went.  A lot of contacting and a lot of referrals.  All Bible

"Now we shall say no more concerning their preaching, except that they preached the word, and the truth, according to the spirit of prophecy and revelation; and they preached after the holy order of God by which they were called." Alma 43:2

Elder Vance

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