Thursday, January 12, 2017

Desperate Measures Calls for Desperate Actions

Well with winter being here I wear thermals.  These things called thermals pulls on my leg hair.  I have a lot of it so it hurts.  I have received some inspiration and so I am going to shave my legs for the winter.  It is official. (Your weekly random fact about Elder Vance's Life)

Anyways this week has been another good week.  The sad thing about it is that I didn't have my little 3x5 card to write on during the week.  I do remember some of the cool things that have happen this week.  

It was bitter cold.  I almost froze for some of the days but it warmed up again and now it's in the 40s.

We had a meeting yesterday up in Cleveland about Exchanges and about the role of a district leader.  Very insightful on how we can be better leaders in the mission.

My companion was sick on Sunday.  We went on exchanges both on Saturday and Sunday because of it.

On Saturday I went with Elder Alder.  He has been out for a long time but it was a good exchange.  We got in contact with Meshari again.  We met Meshari about 3 weeks ago on another exchange but lost contact due to finals and such.  Luckily when we were walking this last Saturday he was there and came up to us and started talking to us.  We were able to get in and teach him.  It was a new experience because he was a Muslim and I have never taught a Muslim before.  We invited him to church and he came!!!! It was his first time ever in a Christian church and it was so cool.  Sure he took 2 smoke breaks in the middle but it was awesome.   He loved it.

Anyways, have a great week!

Elder Vance

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