Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This week has been filled with crazy people who we have taught.

The first one is a guy named Junior or J.R.  He called us off of a private number and continued to talk to us a debate using scriptures from the Book of Mormon itself.  I have heard of him before from other missionaries he has called and so we tried our best not to argue and we dropped him.  He has called many other missionaries in the past and hasn't gone anywhere.

Another guy was Bob Evans.  I think of the restaurant that has really good coffee cake when I think of this name.  He was a referral from up in Kirtland.  We go to his house and he just starts in and debates about how the Mormon religion is wrong and Joseph Smith wrote the Mormon Bible.  All that stuff ya know.  To continue, he started talking about how this serial killer that he survived.  It came to the conclusion that he was not there mentally.  It was funny.

We have also had many crazy miracle experiences.

Right after transfers we went finding next to a different referral we got.  We were led to a guy named Mitch. Then Maggie came out and we started talking to Maggie.  They then referred their friend Hannah.  They were all teenagers but they were interested in learning more.

That same day we wanted to stop by less actives around that area.  We stopped by one but he had moved and we started teaching his son.  Zak used to be a member but took his name off the roles because he didn't want to give a talk.  We were led to him and picked him up as a new investigator.  It took a lot of persuasion to get to that point but he accepted.

Later on that week we tracted into a guy named Steve.  Steve also was so prepared.  We knocked on his door and asked if we could share a message with him.  He let us in and we proceeded to teach the Restoration.  It was awesome that he would let us into his house off of a tracting approach.  He already goes to a church but accepted the Book of Mormon and will read it.

One of the greatest miracles of the week also took place on the doorstep of an individual we did not know.  We met Pam tracting into her house.  We testified of prophets at the door and asked her if she wished there were prophets on the earth as in times of old. She did and we told her there was and asked if we could take some of her time to share it.  She went in and talked with her husband Mark about it.  They let us in a we were able to teach them.  They were so prepared for us that day!!!!! And we were led to them that day as well!!!!!  We go in and they said that they were looking for a more reverent church, not a rock band one, to attend.  They just had a falling away with their Methodist church and was in search.  We taught the Restoration and they accepted it.  Pam actually said that she felt that she was part Mormon because of our views on the Trinity.  Mark said that all he would have to know to convert was that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  The Spirit was so strong in that lesson.  After the lesson Elder Hopkins and I just were jumping with joy. It was so awesome.

Almost forgot the funny thing we did this week.  So we have an Elder in the apartment who is fooled by almost everything.  We made a fake letter and gave it to him.  We put the same address he had on a return letter he received earlier in the week.  This was the best part.  He looks at both letters and starts freaking out because it was the exact same address.  Just the way he reacted to it and how fake it actually looked just cracked me up.  I was on the floor laughing.

"And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another." Mosiah 18:21

How I've started driving...

Me with fake glasses and Elder Hopkins

The hike we took to find people to teach

What fog looks like with flash on.

Here's the letter I made. 

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